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For the characters, see Chinese remnant soldier.

The Republic people of China salute your braveries. Find established cover operation of "Mama Dolce" food creation factory. Priority to rendezvous with selected team in covert operations of local area. Job and wage are secured for each within cover operation. Required to inform when first stage of operation is completed. Hail the People's Republic!

The Chinese remnants are a faction in Fallout 3.


The members of this faction are the last known, scattered remnants of Chinese military operations in the United States after the Great War. These spies, intelligence agents, and special-ops soldiers were stuck on foreign soil and continue to exist after many years as ghouls. Their numbers are considerably few, and encountering them is unlikely unless one should stumble across their covert operation from years ago at Mama Dolce's.[1]

Two dead Chinese remnant spies are located in an underground sewer near broadcast tower KT8.


Interactions with the player characterEdit

Chinese remnants are always hostile to the Lone Wanderer.


Dead Chinese Remnants can sometimes be found randomly throughout the Capital Wasteland.



The Chinese remnants appear only in Fallout 3.

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