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With the Chemist perk, any chems you take last twice as long.

— In-game description

Chemist is a Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas perk.

List of Fallout 3 items

The following items will work with this perk.


  • This perk synergizes well with the Chem Resistant perk, the latter providing a 50% resistance against addiction.
  • Chemist affects any item which also influence the Chems Taken statistic.
  • Though it says chems will last twice as long, it affects anything you can get addicted to, including alcohol.

List of Fallout: New Vegas items


  • In Hardcore mode, all positive effects (including foods, medicines, chems...) are also affected by this perk, for example: gecko steak, RadAway, stimpak, purified water, ....etc.
  • Synergizes well with Chem Resistant, Fast Times, Day Tripper, Whiskey Rose and a high Survival skill.
  • If you have both Chemist and Day Tripper, all consumable foods have their times increased. For example, the effects of brahmin meat normally last for 15 seconds; with these two perks it increases the duration up to 40 seconds. This is likely due to the game engine defining a chem as anything that can "wear off", which food does in the game.
  • The increased duration of healing items does not show up in the list of effects for the items on the Pip-Boy.
  • This perk also affects Stealth Boys, making them last 4 minutes. Combined with Stealth Girl, they can last over 8 minutes.

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