The charge card is a junk item in Fallout 4.


The card appears to be a credit or bank card used before the war and is no longer recognized or accepted anywhere in the Commonwealth. Although Parker Quinn touts it as an alternative to bottlecaps, no store in the Commonwealth will take it as a form of payment. Brooks in Far Harbor will redeem it for 100 caps though.


The charge card can be broken down into its individual components for use in crafting:

Charge card (1)
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  • Fort Strong, in an opened dumpster in the ruined house nearest (middle of the three) to the bridge. The dumpster is somewhat hidden behind a broken wall behind a leaned over shelf with nothing on it.
  • Can be bought from Parker Quinn for 110 caps.
  • Rarely sold at level four trading stands.


  • When asking vendors about the charge card, they will say they never heard of such a thing and will reject its use.
  • There is faded writing on the charge card that says "Level Clearance [Unreadable] Access OT 1.1.7," further proving the card's invalidity.
  • The card was available pre-War as Daisy will state when asking about it.
  • The Fort Strong charge card can be knocked away from its location due to explosions.
  • Only one charge card is able to be turned in to Brooks, either the one received from Parker Quinn or the one located within a dumpster outside Fort Strong.