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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue file for Enclave Air Traffic Controllers at Navarro.


{100}{}{A soldier in a duty uniform.}
{101}{}{Some Pfc-Tech, grade X.}
{102}{}{He's wearing a military uniform, but it's clear this guy's more a technician than a soldier.}
{103}{}{Look, how many times I got to tell you goons? Don't get in the way!}
{104}{}{Don't you have something to shoot?}
{105}{}{Greetings, trooper.}
{106}{}{Who are you? Guards!}
{107}{}{What the hell is this? Infiltrator on base!}
{108}{}{Shit! Where's my gun!}
{109}{}{Look, they already searched here and they didn't find anything.}
{110}{}{Jeez, these false alarms make me jumpy as hell.}
{111}{}{Great, another false alarm. Now we'll have to tear the whole system down and put it back together again. }
{112}{}{Goddamn it! Over here! Get the spy!}
{113}{}{Shit! It's an attack! Where's my piece?}
{114}{}{Shooting? Nobody said there'd be any shooting!}
{115}{}{Who the hell are you? Guards!}
{116}{}{You're not Enclave! Guards!}
{117}{}{Infiltrators! Saboteurs! Over here!}
{118}{}{Hey, don't mess up the plans. I'm working here.}
{119}{}{Where the hell's that gyrovator part?}
{120}{}{Damn fly-boys, always breaking my machines.}
{121}{}{Roger that, we got you on the scope -' don't bother me, I'm working.}
{122}{}{Look, no personal calls allowed, soldier.}
{123}{}{Sorry, can't help you now.}
{124}{}{You have business down here? If not, out of my way.}
{125}{}{This is a restricted area, soldier.}
{126}{}{Move out of my way, soldier.}
{127}{}{What the hell? What's going on up there?}
{128}{}{Shit! They've broken in!}
{129}{}{Those clowns! It's probably just another false alarm.}

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