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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for the Quartermaster at Navarro


{100}{}{You see someone in power armor.}
{101}{}{You see the Quartermaster.}
{102}{}{You see someone wearing power armor of an unusual design. There is an insignia on the breastplate that you are unfamiliar with.}
{103}{}{Who the hell are you guys... Alert! Intruders on the base!}
{104}{}{What the... I can see why you're here. You obviously want to get rid of that antique suit you're wearing.}
{105}{}{Why are you out of uniform, soldier?}
{107}{}{Uh, yeah...}
{109}{}{Me new here.}
{110}{}{Me not one you soldiers!}
{111}{}{Uh, well...}
{112}{}{I'm new here.}
{113}{}{I'm not one of your soldiers!}
{114}{}{Uh, what? Can't think of a good excuse? I'm waiting, soldier!}
{115}{}{Me not have uniform yet.}
{116}{}{I don't have a uniform yet.}
{117}{}{You're a bit on the slow side, aren't you? (sigh) Well, that's not your fault. I have a brother just like you. Anyway, are you new here?
I don't recall seeing you before.}
{118}{}{Are you new here? I don't recall seeing you before.}
{119}{}{Yes! Me new here!}
{120}{}{Yes, I'm new here.}
{121}{}{Well, you'll need your standard issue, then. Go into the armory, suit up, and take your weapon. You should report to the Drill Sergeant afterwards.}
{123}{}{You're welcome. Now get out of here. I've got work to do and I don't want to be disturbed.}
{124}{}{I'm busy right now. Come back later.}
{125}{}{Hello, recruit. I just got a call from your Sergeant. He says I'm to suit you up and send you back to him. That right?}
{127}{}{This base is on alert and I don't recognize you. Show me your papers, soldier.}
{128}{}{Me not have papers with on me.}
{129}{}{Me no need papers!}
{130}{}{I don't have my papers with me. They're in my footlocker.}
{131}{}{Papers? I've got your papers right here!}
{132}{}{Wrong answer. You're to carry your papers with you at all times and you should know that!}