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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Commander's door guard, a door guard for the Navarro base commander


{100}{}{You see someone in combat armor.}
{101}{}{You see the commander's door guard.}
{102}{}{You see someone in combat armor. There is an insignia on the breastplate that you are not familiar with.}
{103}{}{Sir! What is your business here?}
{104}{}{What this place?}
{105}{}{Uh... me new here.}
{106}{}{Me here clean.}
{107}{}{Me not remember. Me go.}
{108}{}{What is this place?}
{109}{}{Hi, I'm new here.}
{110}{}{I'm here to clean the commander's office.}
{111}{}{Never mind.}
{112}{}{This is the base commander's office. This area is off limits to all personnel. I'll have to ask you to leave, sir.}
{113}{}{Me have business with commander.}
{115}{}{I have business with the commander.}
{116}{}{All right.}
{117}{}{What is the nature of your business, sir?}
{119}{}{Shit. Me screw up...}
{120}{}{Never mind. Me go}
{122}{}{Uh, we got a call from base security. Seems they're worried about the tanker passkey getting into the wrong hands. We're to lock it up.}
{123}{}{I'm leaving.}
{124}{}{Sir, this is your final warning. I have to ask you to leave this area.}
{126}{}{Oh... Fuck it. Me shoot way in.}
{127}{}{Fuck it. Going in with guns blazing.}
{128}{}{What? Oh, I get it. You screwed the pooch and Dornan's got you on cleaning detail.}
{129}{}{Yeah... me screw... doggy and... yuck.}
{130}{}{(speaking to self) Commander. Cleaning detail is here, sir. (pause) Yes, sir. (looking at you) Go on in.}
{132}{}{(speaking to self) Commander. Security detail is here. Main base wants the tanker passkey secured. (pause) Yes, sir. (looking at you) Go on in.}
{133}{}{Let me see your orders.}
{135}{}{Oh, I didn't bring them with me.}
{136}{}{(quietly) You must be lost then. This is the base commander's office. Nobody's allowed here unless the old man sends for you.}
{137}{}{Nobody come here? Ever?}
{138}{}{Nobody sees him?}
{139}{}{(quietly) Nobody. Well, just the cleaning crew. They usually come by here in an hour or so. Other than that, this place is off limits. Now, you better head on out.}
{141}{}{(speaking to self) Commander. Cleaning detail is here, sir. (pause) Yes, sir. (looking at you) Go on in.}
{142}{}{You're early. Come back later.}
{144}{}{Then get back to comm center and have them print the order.}
{146}{}{You must be looking for the armory. Go back down the hall, turn right, and it's the first door on the left. You'll get your issue there.}
{148}{}{Who the hell are you guys... Alert! Intruders!}
{149}{}{We've been infiltrated! Alert!}
{150}{}{Multiple intruders! Sound the alarm!}
{151}{}{Security alert! Seal the base!}
{152}{}{Secure all stations! We're on alert}
{153}{}{Intruder alert! Go code red!}
{154}{}{We're going to put you under!}
{155}{}{The Enclave will rule the world!}
{156}{}{You die so that the Enclave will survive!}
{160}{}{You're back. Did you bring the order for the fob with you?}
{161}{}{No, not yet. I'll get it.}
{162}{}{Yeah, right. I tell you the cleaning crew's coming and then you magically just become one of 'em.
You haven't even left my sight. You think I'm a fuckin' moron? Get out of here!}

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