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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for the Enclave technician at Navarro


{100}{}{You see a tech.}
{101}{}{You see an Enclave technician.}
{102}{}{You see someone wearing a lab coat. He appears confident and self-assured.}
{103}{}{Yes, soldier?}
{104}{}{Me new here. Need ask question.}
{105}{}{Me just say hi. Me go now.}
{106}{}{I'm new here and I'm trying to get familiar with the base. Can I ask you some questions?}
{107}{}{Just saying hi. See ya.}
{108}{}{Sure. I've got a few minutes.}
{109}{}{What can I help you with?}
{110}{}{What this place?}
{111}{}{What you job?}
{112}{}{Where Enclave main base at?}
{113}{}{Me look for vertibird plans. Where I find?}
{117}{}{Me be go now.}
{118}{}{What is this place?}
{119}{}{What is your job here?}
{120}{}{Where is the Enclave main base located?}
{121}{}{I need to look at the vertibird plans. Where are they kept?}
{125}{}{Nothing. I've got to go.}
{126}{}{This is air traffic control. From here we can track all vertibird movement.}
{127}{}{Me see. Me ask more.}
{128}{}{All right. A couple more questions.}
{129}{}{I'm a computer technician, first class. I maintain the link to the mainframe below.}
{130}{}{Uh... yeah.}
{131}{}{Good. Keep up the good work.}
{132}{}{Didn't you come from there?}
{133}{}{Uh... no, me come from up north.}
{134}{}{No actually, I'm from up north.}
{135}{}{Oh... I didn't know we had an outpost up there. Anyway, the main base is off the coast of San Fran a ways.}
{136}{}{How we get there?}
{137}{}{Well... How do we get there?}
{138}{}{By vertibird, of course. There's no other way, unless you have a ship. It's way too far to swim.}
{141}{}{Vertibird plans... I don't see why you would need to know that. I suggest you talk to maintenance next door.}
{143}{}{Got it.}
{153}{}{Are you nuts, walking around here out of uniform? Get suited up!}
{154}{}{If the sergeant catches you out of uniform, he'll hand you your ass.}
{155}{}{Why are you out of uniform? }
{156}{}{Holy shit! We're being invaded! Alert!}
{157}{}{Intruders! Call the guard!}
{158}{}{Guard! Intruders in the comm center!}
{159}{}{What's up? Are we under attack?}
{160}{}{Why the alert? What's happening?}
{161}{}{What the hell's going on?}
{162}{}{I'm just a tech! Don't shoot me!}
{163}{}{I didn't sign up for combat, just tech training!}
{164}{}{This is a lab coat, not armor! I'm outta here!}