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  • Andrew03


    September 29, 2016 by Andrew03

    Wolfenstien is an amazing game and has the first first-person-shooter. I have 2009 and TNO. Planning on Old Blood. Also, TNO and Old Blood are Bethesda games. Others are I.D.. LOL I rambled.

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  • Leea

    I can say with some glee that I finished The Evil Within a few days ago. I can also say (with some glee) that when the game tallied my statistics I had only died 42 times. I thought that was pretty good for a first time player of a game that said I was gonna die many times. At least I was better off than one of those game reviewers; she said she died 247 times. Granted, the times I died were...unfortunate. It always seemed to be juuust before a checkpoint, forcing you to reload the last checkpoint, which meant another 10 minutes of sneaking around enemies and trying to get the same sneak-kills you did before you died.

    Ever notice that owls don't move their eyes? Its because they have fixed eyes, so that's why they can move their heads around almost 360 degrees; their eyes can't rotate in the sockets.

    Ever found yourself trying to perform actions from one game (trying to enter V.A.T.S., looking for items that don't exist, etc.) in another by accident?

    • Third was never. Dirty liar...
    • Second wa…

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  • Sebastianshrp85

    Just A Question...

    September 22, 2016 by Sebastianshrp85

    Anyone have any idea on whether or not they'll do a Game of the year release with all dlc on disc?

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