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    April 19, 2018 by Just another Guy

    It is extremely unlikely that Hedgehogs ever existed, or any, "woodland creature" for that matter. It becomes more and more obvious when someone actually studies the history of hedgehology and foxology itself that there are simply too many coincidences, not to mention the implausibility of being able to make the conclusions that hedgehologists regularly make. It's an extremely elaborate hoax, and it counts on people assuming nobody would go to such lengths. The truth is, there are no limits to the lies people can create and perpetuate in the right conditions. The study of woodland creatures, mainly hedgehogs really didn't start until the end of the 20th century, and then mysteriously, "discoveries" began popping up everywhere. Numerous quills and genesis’s were miraculously found in relatively small areas in the span of a few years, yet no such findings were even remotely made in the thousands of years preceding that. A lot of these, "quills" were made in the Americas, but Native Amer…

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  • Labyethan

    SO while talking to a friend of mine and discussing Fallout 4 - and how it was good and bad, I randomly said "I could maybe do a better story for Fallout 5. To do stuff which expanded not just the story of the American Wasteland but ask the age old question - what's going on East?" He said maybe I should. And I did. Creating a rough summary/storyline to something which will never happen. It's all for fun but I thought why not share the idea and get people saying or thinking about what could happen? I know Fallout 5 is a long way, away, but it's just for fun. Warning; this will be long.

    Fallout 5

    Location; Fallout 5 takes place in Alabama – the Great Bama.

    History; The Great Bama stands in the year 2309, standing peacefully away from the East and Wests possession. When the bombs fell Great Bama suffered a heavy blow, receiving a giant crater in the South East of it. A large portion of the people in Alabama were killed due to the Vaults not opening. In the early 2110’s, a man founded the …

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