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  • LoneGunMenWander

    Fallout 4 needs to have marriage added to the game. I was very much disappointed when I learned that I could not marry ether Piper, Cuire, or Cait. Now I know they can't go a way with saying marriage dose not happen in the waste land because in both Fallout 3 and 4 their is an unmarked quest in which you help some people get married. It is even more disappointing seeing how Skyrim add marriage as new fetcher and Bethesda decides to leave it out of Fallout 4. So I hope in an up coming DLC they add this fetcher and possibly adopt children you find wandering the waste I mean I know you can end up with synth Shaun as a kid, but it is not the same.

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  • Sigmund Fraud

    With the end of the school year coming soon (It will officially be summer vacation for me Wednesday, May 25th, 2016, at 11:30 AM CST), my schedule is bound to change. You guys probably assume I'll have more time on my hands now that I'm not in school, and can devote the more of my life to the wiki. This isn't necessarily true. I will be both more active and less active on the wiki. Obviously I'll have more time in the day to devote to hanging out here at the wiki, but a lot of my time was on the school laptop, which gets turned back in to the school tomorrow (Tuesday, May 24th, 2016). I will only be able to access the wiki on my home computer or on my phone. When I'm on my PC I do not know how much time I'll actually spend on the wiki, and it is unlikely I'll be on mobile very much unless I really want to hang out.

    TL;DR I will have more time to be on the wiki, but It will be less convenient to be on the wiki.

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  • GRPeng

    I compiled nearly 100 sleeping bags/beds to remind me of places to save.

    free: no spawns seemed to be triggered by reaching bed.

    clear: most likely need to clear the area, seemed to be leveled.

    quest: need to complete quest before access to bed at Settlement.

    boss: pretty much guaranteed legendary with skull next to name.



    -102362 106413
    NW boundry
    106386 -102609
    SE boundry
    -102180 -15288 7058 Boston Mayoral Shelter, inside (clear)
    -97117 80896 9120 Blue Lean-to along transmission line (free)
    -94145 77600 8776 Transmission tower West of Sanctuary (clear)
    -92771 17711 5551 Fishing shack, South of Lonely Chapel (clear)
    -91423 -3191 6224 West of Ft Hagen Filling (clear)
    -90205 -41231 2840 Roadside Pines Motel (clear)
    -89427 -50574 3237 SW corner Natick Banks (Deathclaw vs Muties)
    -88314 -6829 5632 Ft. Hagen parking structure (clear)
    -87821 71215 7749 Ranger Cabin (clear)
    -87537 41013 6821 Sunshine Tiding Co-op (clear)
    -86706 9844 6407 Cylinder Launch shack, North of Ft Ha…

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