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  • JASPER42

    Civil Rights Economy Political freedom
    Average Good Few

    Greetings Nukapedians!

    The United States of Nukapedia has now been founded in the The East Pacific and we can now start to vote on our issues. Every week I will bring you a number of issues, each with a number of solutions which you can all vote on. The most popular solution will be put through.

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  • Thecoldboringguy157

    If you're wondering cold wtf did you do this time we'll i found Eden's and Spock's thing about the enclave(someone get the bucket)so i did something with myself and stuff

    Holy cows and burgers,i found a pulled a lever and this blue box teleported me to a dimension

    Morgan Freeman if you want to work with me can you pls stop standing ontop of my minio- i mean pet?

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  • Leea

    Saturday Polls, Number 3

    July 31, 2015 by Leea

    It is I, Leea, coming to you now from her home, South Mississippi! Where right now it is so hot you could cook an egg on the sidewalk. Well, where I live there are no sidewalks, and I'm also a vegetarian, so instead I sear my fingers on the metal side-gate when I go to get the mail in the afternoon.

    Thankfully, it has rained for the past two days, giving a respite from the airless-sweaty-closet feeling of outside. Unfortunately, the inside was only a little bit better, because the atic fan busted last year and dad hasn't fixed it yet. Warm atics=nice warm house in winter. Warm atics in summer=torture. Well, maybe not torture, but it never seems like the fans and air conditioner make that much of a difference.

    Well, that must mean that Armageddon wasn't that bad, because we are all still here!

    Do you think that the rewards for completing some of the challenges in Fallout: New Vegas were puny compared to the difficulty of the challenge itself?

    • Third place is a tie of 15 votes between "Challeng…

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