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  • Agent c

    Layoffs at Obsidian

    December 9, 2016 by Agent c

    Sad news coming out of Obsidian HQ today. The New Vegas developer is laying off some staff from its Armored Warfare team as the publisher for this title has decided to bring some of the work in house.

    This highlights some of the dangers for those of you looking for careers in the Video Games industry. Studios expand, contract, and fall as their games do. Companies who solely develop games, like Obsidian are at the whim and mercy of their publisher "partners". Others doing less glamorous work for sub contractors who work only when there is work - between projects they're left on their own.

    Obsidian will continue to work on the project, but our best wishes go out to those who are getting the "enforced vacation", and hope you'll all be gainfully employed again real soon.

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  • NomadMC

    Second Fallout Friday Polls it is, seeing as I managed to get about eight people to come look at the original one. Haha, not many, but it's worth devoting my morning edit time to do another, I'll say.

    Thanks to Leea, of course, for creating the Saturday polls.

    Last week's polls:

    First question was whether Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy reminded you of the Courier. Top result was that you'd never seen GOTG. Go see it please, I assure you it's an amazing movie (especially if you like the 80's). Tied for second and third was Yes and No! So.. indecisive here. Next question.

    Second question was whether you'd rather play a Ghoul or Super Mutant. Top answer was Ghoul, second was neither because it seemed boring, and third was Super Mutant.

    Third question was what was your favorite home in FO3. Megaton House won easily, followed by a tie between Tenpenny Tower and a BoS base.

    This week's polls

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  • Leea

    Its cold outside (40 degrees Farenheight). Yes, I know that it is normal this time of year, but it all depends on what kind of cold you can stand and ... which kinds you can't. Me? I prefer cold and still. No wind to blow through your clothes and coats. And if you're not wearing a hat or hood, wind can make your ears ache, and that is what I can definitely live without, because it keeps me up at night.

    What kind of cold weather do you prefer, if you had to choose?

    In the American Civil War, there was a Union General named Ambrose Burnside. As beards were big at that time (figuratively and literally), many men had one, including Burnside. His beard was rather "trademark," running along the sides of his head. Why am I telling you this? It's because what we call "sideburns" today was named after him.

    Ever thought that the ballpoint pen could be improved?

    • Third was a tie between "what's a ballpoint pen?" and that you don't even use pens. I'd like to see your handwriting. I'll bet it sucks, if you…

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