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  • DeJuanNOnley

    Wikia vs. Wikipedia

    February 7, 2016 by DeJuanNOnley

    The title of the article is intentionally provocative. I know this has been discussed many times. And let me be clear from the start. I don't expect or even want Wikia sites to conform to Wikipedia rules. If we can simplify or improve upon their standards we absolutely should. But there is an argument to be made that Wikia sites need to document their standards more clearly, especially when they deviate from "standard" Wiki markup. I have encountered this issue many times over the years and I usually just shrug my shoulders when an admin overrides an edit I did which conformed perfectly to Wiki standards because it didn't fit with the rules established by that particular Wiki, even if that rule I supposedly violated didn't appear anywhere.

    Most recently I have discovered that apparently on this site we are not supposed to use subst to mark unsigned comments on talk pages. Nevermind that this is clearly documented as the correct method of addressing unsigned comments as per Wiki standar…

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  • Leea

    I saw a snippette of a video clip yesterday, and it showed this public bus driver in a life-or-death struggle with a crazy knife-wielding guy (this was seen over the bus' interior security camera), and what do the passengers do, while the guy is crying out for help and screaming that the guy's got a knife? They twiddle with their phones (not even calling 911!) and tell him to open the bus door, because they gotta go to work, or that they want ot get off the bus already. Can you believe that? What dumb, self-serving people those were! If is was there, I would have called the cops or outright tried to help the guy defend himself.

    In going with the "dumb people" slant, I remember hearing a few years ago, when Lady Gaga was still "new," that a girl that was going to go to one of her concerts killed her cat, drained its blood, and doused her dress with the blood, and then went ot the concert!! Always being an animal lover myself, this was horrific. Paint would have had the same effect! Now s…

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  • Agent c

    Hello America, This is your president, John Henry Eden. Seven Long years ago I made a promise to you dear, sweet, America, that I, and the Enclave would bring back our national pastime, Baseball, back to this country. Dear America, Today I am proud to to announce, that I, and the Enclave have succeeded in our promise to you. So without further ado, I present to you, in association with Galaxy Sports News, the 2288 World Series of Baseball!

    American League, Round 1 - The Legion of New Rome vs The NCR City Nicks
    From the Southwest
    The Legion of New Rome

    From New California
    The NCR City Nicks

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