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  • Sarkhan the Sojourner

    Just as a bit of advice for anyone currently playing this quest, you are able to equip other weapons onto your party should you find them along the way. Figured this might be helpful for some, as I know I was paranoid about failing the quest at first, when deciding as to whether or not I should switch out the shitty .32 pistols that my party was using. 寧靜 21:39, July 23, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Leea

    To be honest, here, I prefer mild temperatures. If I absolutely had to choose between hot or cold, I'd choose cold. Why, you might ask? Because with cold, at least you can put on more and more clothes and huddle under a bunch of blankets, but with hot, there's only so much you can take off before there's nothing left to take off, and you're still hot. Ever tried to sleep during a power outage in summer? You'll get my point. Though I'm not calculating you weirdo masochistic people that like to suffer. For you, I'm not going to argue. Just give me Spring, Fall and Winter. You can keep Summer.

    I read somewhere that each tongue has a unique print. I'm talking about your taste buds, here. I don't know how they found out; how many people did they take a magnifying glass to? You won't catch me looking in somebody's mouth with a magnifying glass or asking them to make a "tongue print" anytime soon.

    What position do you generally sleep in?

    • Third was a triple tie (!!) between "on my face," "on my back,"…

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  • The Aspect Of Akatosh

    I'm not doing the blog this week. Kind of busy.

    I'll do another next week.

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