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    I have only made edits to two things so far. One to "Blast Off Pajamas" and the other to "Vertibird". I tried making an edit to Jakob Stalnaker, the one who voiced some kids, like Mayor MacCready but getting a picture for him didn't work out very well.



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    So yeah, this is gonna explain some of the happenings building up to my departure and the time between that, and what's happening now.

    Firstly, yeah, I did leave back in March. And I'm gonna explain why in this. I was contemplating it for a couple of months beforehand actually, and then it built up, and then I left like I did. It was a mix of interactions with other users and all that, you probably know all this, but I'm gonna recap it and go into how it was from my own perspective. The main things were all of the drama and that, as well as the debate around the content I was putting up. Of course, I don't mind people questioning my content, being constructive, all of that, but some people on this subject were just nothing short of cooperative or reasonable on these things. I don't wanna sound like a dickhead when I say this, I don't mean it in the way you'd immediately think when I do, but later on in my time here, most people involved in this became nothing short of targeting on it. …

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    Energy X

    Hullo there, mistah. I heard there is going to be a battle! It would suck not to watch it!

    Aren't you young to be here, little boy?

    Nah, my uncle is there, at the arena. This is going to be awesome! As much awesome as the fight of the Mechanist and the AntAgonizer!

    Right... and I am a flying torch. Kids these days... anyway, what do you think of these challengers?

    I read one of the amazing pre-War comic books. I can say both of them look like super heroes. That brain bot looks like the Steel Man! As for the mutie, he might be someone called "Holg" or somesuch. I am certain that mutie has the advantage.

    That is all for this week folks. Who will be named Emperor America? Find out next week!

    Hm, mistah, do you think I can impress a certain acquaintace if I dress this scorpion outfit? With the Mechanist and AntAgonizer gone, the wasteland needs someone... like Scorpioman!


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