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    Going dark for a bit

    July 27, 2014 by JASPER42

    Yo, I recently moved in to a new house, but it has no internet right now so I will be unreachable for a short time. I can go in to uni every now and then and use their internet, but don't expect any speedy replies. I should only be gone for like a week, so don't worry too much.

    13:52, July 27, 2014 (UTC) Read more >
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    Energy X

    How may I assist you, good sir?

    My, such fine behavior. Oh yes, what are the specialties your cooking team can make?

    Only the sweetest, most delicious and finest food you can find. We even have a new specialty; we still discuss about the name, but one can find its taste very interesting.

    Is that so? What are the ingredients?

    As much as we want to share the luxury, this is a secret recipe. I can say that the major ingredient is among us, and it is not air.

    That sounds a bit suspicious. Well, can you tell us whom do you support in this match?

    As barbaric as a fight can get, I must give my support to that mutant. He uses deluxe magic, which is looked favourably in our fine establishment. Sir Arch Dornan may find its defeat a too hard to accomplish. And, after he dies, we can all cook- I mean, give proper burial for him.

    Well, that is all for this week, folks! Oh, and come to Ultra Luxe, you won't be disappointed!

    Oh, and don't forget our newest meal! The Ultra Luxe staff will treat you with resp…

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    As some of you are already aware of, Wikia has recently introduced a new feature which allows its users to create interactive images, by utilizing default templates already provided to wikis, or by uploading new template images you might have tucked away in the depths of your computer. What is the benefit of using this feature over image mapping? Image mapping requires its creator to discern very specific coordinates for wherever they want a redirect, making image mapping a very tedious process that gets more and more complicated for large images. With the new interactive map feature we have, the process has been simplified to the point where you simply drag a waypoint onto the image, and add in as much text, map icons, and redirects as your heart desires!

    Still unsure of how to take advantage of this new feature? Look no further, as I will help you out by providing a step-by-step tutorial which will see to you creating your own interactive maps in no time!

    Step 1: Where do I go?
    By vis…

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