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  • Leea

    I'm tired of lackluster writing implements. I mean, if we have technology to create phones as thin (or thinner) as a No.2 pencil, why can't we perfect the ballpoint pen? Its not like they're off-brand or anything - Bic or Paper-Mate - but they leave splatters on the paper or just plain refuse to write when they've got full ink in the tube and I've rolled the ball enough to make permanent marks on the page. Can't they spend a little more to make a better pen?

    According to an old (and hopefully not enforced any longer) law, tickling a girl with a feather duster was illegal in Portland, Maine.

    I don't know who thinks of these things.

    Do you ever think that the rooms of your house get smaller in the dark?

    • Third was yeah, but that you hardly ever trip over anything. No, but you might bump into something. I've whacked into a cedar closet a few times.
    • Second was that yeah! And you always trip over stuff! Things that seem perfectly in line in the daylight are anything but at night. You think we'd …

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  • NomadMC

    Thus the following is the first Fallout Friday Polls. Which is something like Leea's awesome Legendary Sat. Polls, except this one's fandom - related instead.

    I'm not entirely sure yet whether I'll do this every week -- but hey, if you guys keep filling up the poll boxes, I'll keep making more. If you do decide to contribute and comment, thanks!

    And now for the part you (hopefully) opened this page to do in the first place...

    Come back soon for more weekly Friday Fallout Polls!

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  • LoneGunMenWander

    What inspired me to write this DLC was two things first the Zombie Walkers mod and I've been playing Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare DLC (I highly recommend this game and DLC). Now zombies in general freak me out and I'm even afraid to death of them. So why would I want them to appear in a Fallout game I just think it would be kinda cool. Now it would be fairly easy to explain how you could have zombies roaming around and I mean real zombies not feral ghouls, it could ether be a Vault-Tec experiment or something involving Dunwich. If you like this idea or you have something to add please leave it down in the comments below.

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