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  • Leea

    It must be in some "musicians" ... karma? destiny? ... that they would be famous, 'cause, man, there are some that are so terrible that I wouldn't even pay a buck for their album. Or take it for free. Worse, some of these singers and musicians are played on store speakers, so when you're shopping, there they are blarring in the isles, and it makes me want to carry a gun into the store and shoot the speakers out. Also, just as bad, are the musicians that not only have a bad voice, but then "sing" a "song" (note quotation marks) that's just two or three, maybe four, sentences over and over. You call that a song?! Where's the prose? Where's the meaning? You're just saying two lines over and over!

    In going with the "musicians" theme, did you know that Franz Shubert wrote over 1,000 pieces of music during his lifetime, and he only lived to be 31? Some of his friends would watch him writing at fantastic speed, and when he was done with one, he'd rip off the sheet and start a new symphony or co…

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    Field notes

    July 1, 2016 by MIGHTY MAO!!!

    Hey guys! I'm new here, my general thing I'll be doing is field research (I explore a lot). I don't really do details much, just general pointers.

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  • Tomsuds

    I'm on Xbox one Everytime I go on fallout 4 the title screen cinematic plays but the menu system doesn't show up. I've tried restarting my Xbox multiple times but it still hasn't fixed

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