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  • Peace'n Hugs

    Hide and Seek with Helena is a weekly blog, normally starting on Thursdays, where everyone can guess where Helena & Erika have been this week.

    Welcome again everyone to a new episode of Hide and Seek with Helena!

    If there would be any more questions, concerns, problems, worries, remarks and/or suggestions regarding this blog, please leave them in the comments below or on my talk page, I'll be happy to answer them. I wish you the best of luck and a lot of fun in finding where Helena is hanging out this week! ius is eternal, ius is good


    • Please guess only once a day on as many pictures as you like
    • Please don't forget to say in your post which picture(s) you are answering

    The locations are from Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 3 and/or the official DLCs. Pictures may have been taken on a location we've been already in earlier episodes of this blog. She may be standing on a location that can't be accessed, but is clearly visible from accessible places. In case of a radio tower, SATCOM or power …

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  • Miss.Nicolle

    Right, so I saw the folks saying didn't even bother to post a defence and here is my reason: there was no point. I've not felt needed in the chat for the simple reason that for the most part there hasn't BEEN a chat. Everytime I have come on to the site to see what it was like chat has been pretty much dead. And if there were folk in there I can guarantee half of them had rights anyway. When a new game drops and chat is more active then yes, I would have probably come around more. But I also have to take into account that I have a busy life now with a lot of responsibilities. When I first joined this Wikia I was much younger, had a job with few time constraints and had the energy to give my all to this place. Then life got harder and shitter. I've been suffering from a severe lack of energy; these days I go to bed at 8pm because I am SO tired. This means that when I get home from work I have some food, spend some time with Andrew and the kitties and that's all I have time for before m…

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  • Constipated celery

    Welcome to day two of this extravaganza. Next on our list of wishes, customization, time period, and factions. Now this is a very broad topic. Some stuff comes to mind when we think customization; character customization, weapon customization, radio customization (just a thought). When I think character customization, I think Dragon Age: Inquisition customization which is heavily detailed. Nearly everything is changeable down to your background (which could affect where you spawn/what supplies are on you). Now, weapon customization could turn out to be something even better than the previous games. If you can find (or take apart) parts for a gun, then you should be able to make a gun. You should be able to make it to your preferences. Radio customization is a big one for me. I hated constantly hearing "Johnny Guitar" and "I Don't Wanna Set the World On Fire" constantly. It got old quickly. I personally think there should be more stations to accommodate others, but keep them older genr…

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