• Warrenwoodhouse

    I love playing video games. I enjoyed playing on DOOM years ago. I still enjoy SKYRIM and Fallout 3. All Bethesda games are pretty straight forward, no real cutscenes. I love that feeling of creating myself and just diving onto Synth enemies in Fallout 4. What about the quirky introduction to Caravan in Fallout New Vegas? Dragons!! Yep, I love RPG games and story games.


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  • NomadMC

    Fallout Friday Polls are in! Make sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

    NOV 10, 2017 - NOV 17, 2017

    The Content Moderator vote is about to expire! If you haven't voted already, please do so if possible!

    • TBD

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  • Leea

    For the past two or three weeks, I've had a hard time posting these polls here. I'm always getting something called a "backfetch failed" error. And the polls don't appear, and I have to try again and again and again before they finally post. What the hell is that? What can I do about it?

    There is about one white blood cell per thousand red blood cells floating around in your bloodstream at any given time. Note that this count does not include illness or immune disorders.

    Do you check your horoscope?

    • Third was comment. I wish the comments would load faster. It takes them forever. Always have to wait for that stupid FANDOM sidebar to load before it lets anything else load. Arghghg!
    • Second was only when curiosity strikes. As curious as a cat? Thankfully, horoscopes can't kill you (hopefully).
    • And first was you don't. For the most part, I don't either. They were too boring, or never said what I wanted them to. But that't like life, isn't it?

    Should there be more normal-sized bugs in the Fallou…

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