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  • Jonasny

    god lord

    August 27, 2016 by Jonasny

    God lord in heaven plzz let my dad jens stormo live. I love my father ill beg on my knees let him live

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  • StormRider71

    Useless Information

    August 27, 2016 by StormRider71

    Back in 1956 recording artist Johnny Mathis was forced to make the decision between trying out for the United States Olympic team (track) or recording his first album for Columbia Records.  He chose the latter and went on to become the eighth biggest selling album artist of all time.  His 1958 album, Johnny’s Greatest Hits, was the first Greatest Hits album ever marketed, spending three weeks at #1 and 490 consecutive weeks on Billboard’s Pop Album chart (that’s almost 9 ½ years!). 

    Questions, comments, or observations?

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  • Leea

    I think some games are coded to make you fail, time and time again. I'm not kidding. Like with the "Vegas" version of Solitaire on Windows. I've played dozens of games and because I had the "cumulative" box checked, I ran up over 1,500 in fake debt. The winning rate, currently in statistics, is only 1% for over a hundred games. That's ridiculous. At least in casinos, they have to let you win sometimes, or people will never come back, but with the computer, it can give you the shittiest hands to play with...constantly. Grrrr.

    Franz Richter, a 19-year-old volunteer in the Austrian Transport Corps following World War I, was admitted to the hospital suffering from pneumonia. In the same hospital was another patient named Franz Richter, also 19 years old, also suffering from pneumonia, and also a volunteer in the Transport Corps. Both men were born in Silesia.

    Talk about weird.

    Ever forgot what you were going to say mid-sentence?

    • Third was not even remembering what the poll was about in the fi…

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