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  • Leea

    Saturday Polls, Number 8

    September 4, 2015 by Leea

    A hello to you all again!

    I feel sorry for someone who wears boy-band jewelry, like One Direction bracelettes or Justin Bieber charm necklaces. The worst part is that I'm not joking. "Haha! That was a funny one, Leea!" No. I'm really serious, there's really jewelry like that, I saw it for sale. Just like there was Jonas Brothers jewelry. There's also Justin Bieber nail polish (no kidding) and perfume for women (still not kidding). Name-branding has got to quit somewhere, don't you think? It can only go on for so long (or on so many things) before people get tired of it.

    Why go anywhere to be cheated?

    Would you like the Followers of the Apocalypse to appear in the next Fallout game?

    • Third was just mentioning them. Because helping people should always be an afterthought.
    • Second is just a couple members of the organization should be encountered. Let's hope that person doesn't develop an ego problem.
    • And first was please, please bring them back! Should it be an off-shoot? Or some newer members of t…

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  • Shaka1277

    A good day in my life.

    September 1, 2015 by Shaka1277

    My turned-out-to-be-fractured collarbone is now healed, most of my skin is back on my elbow and arm, I ordered my new GPU, and I found my OG PSP when clearing out my old desk. :) Going to see about running DosBox to get FO1/2 running on it for the hell of it! (It's not like I have any UMDs for it)

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  • Thecoldboringguy157

    28 worker

    September 1, 2015 by Thecoldboringguy157

    The 28 workers are mixed group of Slavers and Raiders,they're considered lowest of the low due to how they haven't been trained properly or has not proved themselves worthy yet

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