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    Peace'n Hugs

    Hey everyone, the blog will be delayed. Helena and Erika are taking a day off so I can't bring you the blog yet today, but it should be up tomorow. greets!

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    August 26, 2014 by The-Gunslinger

    Hey y'all, your friendly neighborhood Gunslinger here. As many of you know i have been talking about leaving Nukapedia soon and yes it is true. The fire I had for this place isn't there anymore, but many other reasons factor in as well. Many of you know I have a child on the way. My first daughter. On top of this I also have my own automotive shop and new house I am moving into next week.

    With all this I feel it is time to say "Good-bye" to you all. I have had fun here, making friends, helping with pages, all that stuff. I had fun as a moderator.

    The fire that burned for this place from me has now gone out, mainly due to home life. I loved giving advice and telling stories here.

    Anyways, you all should start getting along instead of fighting. Fighting gets you nowhere. Trust me. The stress isn't worth it.

    And with this, you will no longer see me after August 27th as I will be scrambling my password and all that.

    Thanks for all the good memories and times here Nukapedians. It has been an h…

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    Energy X

    Why we be needing anover guest? We and I be able to be doing de show on our own

    As much as your wisdom is more-or-less appreciated, Master Sulik, I cannot disobey Ashur's will. But, anyway, let's greet Antony, from Caesar's Legion!

    Dog fight? The Hangdogs tribe would bless both combatants before the fight. Arooo!

    We and I be checking de contract about dis. Dere isnt enough room for us too, never mind Mr Smells-like-dog

    So, Sulik, what do you think of dogs?

    Well, we and I once be putting together a bot we and I be finding, K9, belonged to some Doctor bloke. He be being pretty smart.... he be teaching me how to play fetch

    Cyberdogs? The Legion shall tame them one day. Just like we did with Lupa, and now she has more experience than any dog seen!

    But dey be being technological... You be hating de tin-cans for dere techology.

    That Cyberdog lived many years and experienced many great things, even being Caesar's personal companion. It shall win against that other dog. Long live Caesar!

    Sulik, what d…

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