• Agent c

    News is breaking of a new Lawsuit from Bethesda against their partners on Fallout Shelter Behaviour Interactive, as well as Warner Bros.

    The dispute centres around Warner Bros releaasing a Shelter-like game based on Westworld. The copying is apparently so blatant that the game includes bugs that were removed from the game before its release, as well as near identical user interface, animation, and gameplay elements.

    We've yet to see any sort of defence against the suit, but I would speculate that any defence would likely revolve around who owns the code. Bethesda state that this was done under a works-made-for-hire basis, meaning that Bethesda would be the end owner of the code, and claim there are documented agreements showing this...

    However, if Bethesda's claims in this suit are wrong, then this could be very lucrative for Behaviour Interactive, as they would be able to resell the code to as many IP holders a want it, and having proven itself with Fallout, I imagine that list will …

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  • NomadMC

    Fallout Friday Polls are here! Be sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

    Big changes could be coming soon - make sure to check out the latest news and comment on the Nukapedia-Fandom Summit on July 6.

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  • Leea

    I hate for some otherwise perfectly nice clothes have the biggest, most scratchy labels on the back. Why do you companies do this?! I just end up cutting 'em off. Who cares who made the clothes, I just want them to be comfortable.

    In Tennessee, it is illegal to lasso a fish.

    I don't know about you, but I think that would be impossible. If it were to be done, I'd certainly envy that person!

    Ever had an amazing coincidence like that?

    • Third was a tie of someone who said comment, and someone else who said no. No? The God of Coincidences doesn't like you...
    • Second was you don't remember. God! Not you people again!
    • And first was yes. The God of Coincidences does like you!

    When you have a coincidence, does it tend to be...

    • Second was a triple tie of you never noticed you had a coincidence until afterwards (not hard to do), unfortunate (which is unfortunate) and funny (the best kind!).
    • And first was another tie of Comment, sorta weird (which I can't blame you for; I've had plenty of these), and thought provo…

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