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  • NomadMC

    Fallout Friday Polls are in!

    Remember - anyone can leave a comment, even you anonymous users out there! Make sure to answer all polls and comment!

    My apologies if the polls are poorly written or are bland questions. I've got a bit of a cold right now, so I'm probably not thinking straight while writing this.

    MAY 19, 2017 - MAY 26, 2017

    • Politics

    A terrorist detonates a bomb at an Arianda Grande concert in Britain, killing 22 other people and himself.

    • In Memorium

    Roger Moore, best known for his role as James Bond in seven 007 films, died at 89.

    • Nukapedia Members

    Sakaratte turns 30! Happy Birthday!

    • TBD

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  • Leea

    I get most of my clothes from either sales (like really a sale) or thrift shops. Before you start thinking that I walk around in ragged knock-offs, let me tell you that you can get some really nice things at Goodwill, for instance. I got a coat worth 300 dollars once...for only 3 bucks, and commonly get forty-fifty dollar clothes for 5 to 6 bucks. I am not ashamed to say this. I think it should be worth boasting that you saved money. No?

    The first microwave oven, which appeared in 1947, was almost 6 ft tall, weighed a third of a ton, and cost $5,000.

    Not exactly consumer-friendy.

    How do you eat cucumbers?

    • Third was raw. Dad thinks I'm nuts, but the saying "cool as a cucumber" is true: they're quite cooling and refreshing...without condiments.
    • Second was pickled. Mushy pickles: blegh. Firm, crunchy pickles? Yum.
    • And first was you don't eat them at all. You're missing out. You should try them sometime.

    Should there be another children-only city, like Little Lamplight, in another game?

    • Third was i…

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  • Sakaratte

    Fallout 4 weekend

    May 25, 2017 by Sakaratte

    Bethesda have just released an email advertising that Fallout 4 will be free to play this weekend (25th-28th May) only. For anyone who has a steam account or Xbox Gold, now would be a good time to have a play around and pick the game and its downloadable content up for up to 67% off.

    Update: I have now seen the Steam offer and can confirm that Fallout 4 is 67% off and the Season pass has been reduced to 40%. Individual DLC packs have not been reduced and remain at full retail price. If I get confirmation of the Xbox prices I will update these as well.

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