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  • DeadJackZ

    18k Run of bad luck

    December 17, 2014 by DeadJackZ
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  • Energy X

    Er, it is not art of Pugilism. Ashur found this strange book about traveling through dimensions and ordered us to test it out. We'll see what it means!

    All right. I got the ingredients: a car engine, some fuel, a bit of some of these strange-looking leaves and fruits. All right, I add the fuel to the engine, place the fruit and seeds into it and turn it on.

    Let's see... *plugs in the wire* It starts to smell funny... and what is with this smoke?

    The smell is overpowering... ugh, I'm gonna faint... now what is this? Where are we?

    It looks quite strange, as if we are between dimensions. Rainbows and cazaclaws and... is that a bear on fire?

    It is coming, on your guard, Rex.

    Heh. You do not know you are in the World of Magic. Silly boy and his dog.

    Are you seeing what I am seeing? A bear on fire that speaks?

    Oh, you... everything is possible here: Liberty Prime toys, Harold performing photosynthesis, even Grecks being the president.

    All right, I will imagine something... *concentrates hard* Nice, I…

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  • Skire

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the second stage of NotY 2014!

    In this stage you will be able to vote for favourite candidate, with the top 2 moving on to become two of the top four. Note that this is a change from last year, where the vote produced three of the top five, while the board chooses the remaining two. This year, the vote will produce two of the top four, and the board will choose the remaining two. The change is due to there being only 8 qualified nominees this year.

    This poll will be open for one week.

    With all that being said, let's meet the contestants!


    Nominated by: Agent c

    Hello Nukapedians, names Cassandra, when I was here for the first time back in 2009, I'm really busy on my college days, that's why I don't have time to contribute, well, after graduating from college thou, since there's nothing to do other than sit and wait in the house, why not make Nukapedia the better one since I'm a huge fan of Fo3 and NV anyway, well long story short, I did …

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