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  • Agent c

    Hello America, This is your president, John Henry Eden. Seven Long years ago I made a promise to you dear, sweet, America, that I, and the Enclave would bring back our national pastime, Baseball, back to this country. Dear America, Today I am proud to to announce, that I, and the Enclave have succeeded in our promise to you. So without further ado, I present to you, in association with Galaxy Sports News, the 2288 World Series of Baseball!

    National League, Round 2 - The Lions of the Citadel vs The CIT Beavers
    From the Capital Wasteland
    The Lions of the Citadel

    From The Commonwealth
    The CIT Beavers

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  • Leea

    Ever had dreams that you totally thought were real? I've had too many to count. Best ones are good dreams (duh), but then there come on the bad side: nightmares (another "duh") and the confusing, garbled dreams where you think the whole way through "Huh?" and then you wake up in the morning and think, "Was that really real? Or was it a dream?" Enough of the dream was plausible, so you sit there on your bed and try to remember if that really happened the day before or its just some stuff floating around in your head and gets made into a strange dream. What about you?

    You know where the word "pedigree" came from? It actually stems from the French words "Pied de Grue" which means "Stork feet," which the symbols used to be for tracing one's bloodline.

    If you were on the bus with the crazy dude with the knife and the driver who was yelling for help, what would you do?

    • Third was getting the guy's attention, then fighting him yourself! You're a better example of humanity than the passengers.
    • Sec…

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  • Agent Gould


    February 12, 2016 by Agent Gould

    Well, I guess I'm here now.

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