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    FO4 INFO

    November 26, 2014 by PIP-KID

    Hello everyone this is PIP-KID with some leaked info that bethesda software has shared

    with us. As some of you may know FO4 is currently in production. The info that I have for you is in FO4 when you first start

    the game you wake up from cryo-sleep from one of the commonwealth minutemen. Of course the man was curious to see what kind of

    high tech metal container this was so he pushed the open button.Your character is actually a survivor of the great war and

    also a soldier who fought in it. now your character will also have a voice..Im 90% positive he/she will. Most of you know that

    the setting is in mass. but, it will also have some decent coverage of both rhode island and conn. So if

    you already know that great, if not then watch this video

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    Energy X


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    Weekly Polls - 02

    November 22, 2014 by JASPER42

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the second edition of The All New Weekly Poll Show with your host, Jasper, broadcasting to you LIVE from Boulder City. Thanks for tuning in last week and being so welcoming to our new host.
    On to the polls!

    Last Week I asked you (with a little help from Leea);

    What job would you want in the Fallout universe?

    • in third place with 22 votes you said shop keeper/barkeep/trader
    • in second place with 34 votes you said merc/guard
    • and in first place with 53 votes you said scavenger





    How do you like to heal after a fight?

    • in third place with 12 votes you said "I sleep it off."
    • in second place with 32 votes you said "I have a good bite to eat."
    • and in first place with 93 votes you said stimpacks




    Should there be more "oversized and undersized objects"?

    • in third place with 10 votes you said "There should be just as many as there were in Fallout 3!"
    • in second place with 38 votes you said "No, I don't waste any time on that sort of stuff."
    • an…

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