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The casual outfit is a piece of clothing in Fallout 4.


The casual outfit consists of an aqua polka-dotted blouse, tan slacks, and white loafers if equipped on a female and a white t shirt, khaki slacks, and brown loafers if equipped on a male. It provides a small bonus to Perception and Charisma when worn. It may not be worn with overlapping armor.


In an upstairs bedroom of the Concord Speakeasy, it will be in a box behind the mattress leaning against the wall in the room with the skeleton and mannequin on the bed.


  • The secretary in the mayor's office in Diamond City, Geneva wears a special variant with a white shirt and black pants with the same white loafers.
  • Despite Nora wearing this outfit, it cannot be found in Vault 111 as well as any of the other pre-War outfits worn by other residents upon entry.

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