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The Castle tunnel terminal entries are a series of entries found on a terminal in the Castle tunnels in Fallout 4.

Security TerminalEdit


User Logs

Attacked in the nightEdit


Last night at about 0200 I was woken by a crash that shook the whole Castle. Lt. Foster reported that some huge creature had breached the western wall. I sent him to radio for reinforcements, while I used the tunnels to lock down the armory. Shortly after that a second crash caved in the only other exit from the tunnel. The only thing I can think of large enough to do that kind of damage is a Behemoth, and if Super Mutants have taken the courtyard, I can't risk the artillery falling into their hands. All I can do for now is set up defenses and wait for someone to dig me out.

Bolstered my positionEdit


It's now clear that we must have lost the battle. I've heard something pounding on the armory door, but the walls will fall in before that door gives way. In case they attempt to clear the rubble from my quarters, I've set up all the defenses that were left down here. I don't like to think about Super Mutants using our artillery against helpless settlements. I'm running low on water, but I still hope that the survivors will regroup and mount a counter-attack in time.

Final entryEdit


This will likely be my final entry.
My supplies have all run out, and I've given up hope that rescue is coming. The only thing left is an old case of wine I found. I know it will only make dehydration worse, but at this point I'd rather meet my fate with a toast.

General McGann
Commonwealth Minutemen

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