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Gametitle-FO3 MZ
Gametitle-FO3 MZ

The cargo hold is a large area on board Mothership Zeta.


The cargo hold is accessible through a door on the East side of the engineering core just south of the door to the hangar. The cargo hold is an area of the ship which the player character does not have to visit in order to complete the storyline of Mothership Zeta, but due to the wide variety of items housed on its floors and shelves, is a worthwhile visit. A unique and potent variant of the plasma pistol, the MPLX Novasurge, is obtained here. The cargo hold appears to be where the aliens store and catalog technology abducted from the Earth, from empty soda bottles to missile launchers. This huge cache of familiar tech, weaponry, and clutter from the game proper is guarded by guardian drones and alien turrets.


It consists of a large conveyor belt, walkways, and a disposal area.

A door to the research lab is in the southwest corner.

Waste disposalEdit

Not to be confused with the named sub-level of the maintenance level, waste disposal, this corner of the cargo hold is where the aliens discard examined material by disintegrating it in an electrified chute. East of the chute is Underwood's safe, which contains the MPLX Novasurge. The safe is unlockable via Reid Underwood's terminal (Hard encryption), which is in the southwest area of the cargo hold.

Notable lootEdit


  • This is one of many areas of the ship that will be inaccessible after the player has completed the main (This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...) quest.
  • Various items can be seen being dropped into the electrified pit including live brahmin and yao guai.


This location is only accessible in the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta.

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