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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
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This is a transcript for dialogue with Carbon citizens, ihabitants of Carbon..

Townsperson: Stop chasing me! I'll give you a present if you stop chasing me...
Townsperson: Please don't hurt me! AAAAAAA!!
Townsperson: Why do you raiders have to torture us?!? Please... leave us alone!
Townsperson: Scum bag! Get away from me!!
Townsperson: Did you take my honey? Give him back to me please... I beg you...
Townsperson: Hey, you... Who are you... ? I'm a goner... please... save the others...
Townsperson: Thanks for saving my life!
Townsperson: Whew! That was close... he almost got me! Good thing I've been to the shooting range a couple times before.
Townsperson: You'll pay for what you've done!
Townsperson: DIE you wasteland pigs!
Townsperson: Help us out will ya!
Townsperson: Damn these raiders!
Townsperson: I'm your Huckleberry.


Wasteland Man: Who's that?!?
Wasteland Woman: Oh shit! It's the raiders again!
Wasteland Woman: Oh crap! It's the raiders again!
Wasteland Man: Everyone get inside! Hurry!
Wasteland Woman: Run for your lives!
Wasteland Man: The raiders are back to kill us all! Run!
Wasteland Woman: This is not happening! This is not happening!
Wasteland Man: I say we go get those raiders! Teach them a lesson!
Wasteland Woman: Be quiet, idiot! Do you want them to come back?!?
Wasteland Woman: My great-grandparents used to own most of this town.
Wasteland Man: Big deal, now you're just a dirt farmer like the rest of us.
Wasteland Man: Why don't we just leave Carbon? Go live somewhere else?
Wasteland Woman: Where? Every other place is either glowing or destroyed.
Wasteland Man: There's got to be some place better than this!
Wasteland Woman: I wish I could believe that...
Wasteland Man: I can't believe the raiders... took my family!
Wasteland Woman: Have another drink. It'll make everything better.
Wasteland Woman: Hey! Are you looking at that... that hooker?!?
Wasteland Man: I wasn't staring at her... just her tits. Honest!
Wasteland Man: What? No, no. What were you saying again?
Wasteland Man: Who is that old guy in the corner, anyway?
Wasteland Woman: I don't know. Just came into town.
Wasteland Man: Hey... he's checking you out.
Wasteland Woman: Ugh. Creepy. He scares the hell out of me.
Wasteland Woman: Ugh. Creepy. He scares the crap out of me.
Wasteland Woman: You bastards! I hope you rot in hell!
Wasteland Woman: Get away from me!
Wasteland Man: This is awful. I wish I was dead!
Wasteland Woman: Don't say that! We'll get through this... somehow.
Wasteland Man: You grew up in a vault? What was it like?
Wasteland Woman: Horrible. We almost ran out of water.
Wasteland Woman: Have you ever seen a ghoul?
Wasteland Man: I hear they got horns on their heads. And they eat brains! And they got a hook penis!
Wasteland Man:I hear they got horns on their heads. And they eat brains!
Wasteland Woman: Oh those are just rumors...
Wasteland Man: Nuh-uh! I swear, I got a friend whose uncle saw 'em.
Wasteland Man: Well, the Raiders are all dead.
Wasteland Woman: Maybe now we can make Carbon into a real town!
Wasteland Man: Keep dreaming. This place will always be a dump.
Wasteland Woman: Somebody needs to go to his happy place!
Wasteland Woman: You're staring at that whore again, aren't you?
Wasteland Man: What? No, I was just thinking about how much I love you.
Wasteland Woman: I'm so glad the Raiders are dead!
Wasteland Man: Too bad about the Raider Matron. She was a babe.
Wasteland Woman: Oh please. She would have killed you for a laugh, you idiot.
Wasteland Man: A total babe! Whoo!
Wasteland Woman: Help us, please!
Wasteland Man: Arggghh!!!!
Wasteland Woman: Help!