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You've mastered the art of the deal! Buying and selling prices at vendors are better.

— Rank 1 description

Cap Collector is a perk in Fallout 4.


Rank Requirements Description Base ID
1 CH 1 You've mastered the art of the deal! Buying and selling prices at vendors are better. (10% extra when selling, 10% off when buying) 001d2456
2 CH 1, LVL 20 Buying and selling prices of vendors are now much better. (20% extra when selling, 20% off when buying) 000d75e2
3 CH 1, LVL 41 You can now invest a total of 500 caps to raise a store's buying capacity. 001d2457


  • The first and second rank stack multiplicatively, giving a total bonus of 32% (1.2 * 1.1) for selling and discount of 28% (1 * 0.9 * 0.8) for buying items.
  • The final level of this perk allows you to invest 500 caps into a store, immediately putting that 500 caps into their inventory and raising their total caps available by 500 for all future stock refreshes. This means that you can immediately sell stuff to the person and get your 500 caps back and still reap the future rewards. To invest, enter the shop UI; at the bottom you will be shown an option to invest.
  • If you invest in the trading stands that you build, the bonus caps apply to all instances of that particular store across all of your settlements, meaning with just 3000 caps you can raise the available caps at all of the stores at all of your settlements, making this a very good long-term investment.
  • The second level of this perk is also necessary for building certain stores in your settlements (along with level 2 in Local Leader). Specifically, it is required for the trading, weapons, armor, and clothing emporiums, as well as the Food & Drink Restaurant.


Investing after selecting some items to be bought will create duplicates in the NPC seller's list as if you haven't selected any items. Selecting those items again to be bought will result in a crash/CTD. [platforms tag needed] [verification needed]

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