The cannonball is a type of ammunition found in Fallout 4.


Cannonballs are spherically shaped projectiles generally made of solid iron and are fired using cannons. Historically they were fired using a mounted cannon packed with gunpowder and ignited with a burning fuse.

Weapons using this ammunitionEdit


  • Several cannonballs can be found on a shelf in the Castle armory. The armory is unlocked during the quest Old Guns.
  • 10 can be found in the Castle tunnels
  • 10 cannonballs can be found at the back of Fort Strong, next to a group of cannons.
  • Occasionally sold by vendors in small amounts, usually by those that specialize in weapons and ammunition after receiving the broadsider from Ironsides in the quest Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution.
  • fo4autGametitle-FO4 AUT Can be found by the eyebot pod in various containers in the Commonwealth.
  • fo4fhGametitle-FO4 FH 2 in a bucket in The Nucleus up in the cat walks at the end of the first hallway to the west after exiting the end of the Nucleus Command Center, next to a huge pile of cans.