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The Camp Searchlight terminal entries are a collection of terminal entries from Camp Searchlight in Fallout: New Vegas.

Chief Fire Officer terminalEdit

Terminal is located in the Searchlight fire station

Chief Fire Officer Report No. F1-210Edit


Chief Fire Officer Report No. F1-210

The local police department diverted several trucks from San Onofre carrying nuclear waste to Searchlight this morning. I didn't get all of the details but I heard something about bombs going off nearby and that the trucks were being diverted for safety reasons. Two of them were housed here at the Fire Station. The third had continued on to somewhere else because we didn't have enough room to accommodate them all. For some odd reason it was headed toward Cottonwood Cove. I don't know what he's planning on doing with it down there.

NCR Communications terminalEdit

Terminals located in the Searchlight police station

Welcome textEdit


New California Republic Camp Searchlight Communications Terminal #4

Communications Entry #842Edit


Camp Searchlight Comm Officer's Log

The Quartermaster has been bitching to me again about missing suppliers and bad communications. I keep telling him that nothing is wrong withe the comm system and that his numbers must be off. I don't think he believes me. The bastard will probably keep bugging me until I can either prove he's wrong or find someone else to blame. Damn it I hate this shit.

Communications Entry #923Edit


Camp Searchlight Comm Officer's Log

A radscorpion made it into the camp last night. Some of the troopers patrolling the border are getting sloppy. The only reason anyone noticed it was because several of the comm stations were acting oddly. When the trooper on duty went outside to check the transmitter dishes he found the scorpion chewing on several of the cables. What's the point of having patrols if shit like this is going to keep happening>

Communications Entry #937Edit


Camp Searchlight Comm Officer's Log

After the radscorpion incident the night patrols were shifted again. This is the third time in the past month. I don't think they realize the problem isn't the patrols it's the troops. Every time their patrols get shifted they get confused and holes open up in the rotations for two of three days until they're used to the new schedules. I really hope the Legion doesn't figure it out and take advan...


NCR Storage DatabaseEdit

Terminal is located in the Searchlight NCR storage

Log Entry #1836Edit


Camp Searchlight Quartermaster's Log

Entry #1836

Supplies being shipped to the camp recently are lower than usual. I asked the Comm Officer if there were any problems with communications and he insisted that everything was fine. I contacted our supply base and was simply told that all inventory requests were being filled and that every item on my request list had been shipped to the camp. Either I'm being lied to or someone is intercepting my shipments. I'll have to look into this matter further.

Log Entry #2257Edit


Camp Searchlight Quartermaster's Log

Entry #2257

During my off duty hours I decided to investigate the trade route being used to bring the supplies to the camp. I met a traveler on the road and asked him if he had seen any NCR suppliers bound for Camp Searchlight. He told me he had seen some NCR crates being moved somewhere outside of Nipton bud didn't know where they were being taken. He also mentioned that the men with the supplies didn't look like NCR soldiers. Next time I have enough time off I'll have to make my way to Nipton and see if anyone there knows where the supplies are.

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