The Camp McCarran terminal entries are a series of entries found on terminals in Camp McCarran in Fallout: New Vegas.

Control tower terminalEdit

This terminal is located next to the air control tower door on the west side of the camp's airplane park terrain.

Control Tower Access LogEdit


Soldiers on duty this week:
Schulman, Barker - Morning Shift 0630 - 1230
Howell, Reynolds - Evening Shift 1230 - 1800

0619 Enter
0625 Enter
1205 Enter
1211 Exit
1213 Enter
1216 Exit
1803 Exit
1805 Exit

0102 Enter
0115 Exit
0621 Enter
0623 Enter
1204 Enter
1206 Exit
1220 Enter
1224 Exit
1807 Exit
1810 Exit

0105 Enter
0123 Exit
0627 Enter
0627 Enter
1205 Enter
1208 Exit
1214 Enter
1216 Exit
1801 Exit
1807 Exit

--- Log Truncated ---

Jones' terminalEdit

This terminal is located in the tents outside Camp McCarran.



Jones -

I transferred that redhead you liked over to admin. You'll be sitting next to her all day, so don't come crying to me if you can't get her in your bunk. Oh, and you owe me big time for this favor. I'll let you know when I think of something.

*** REMINDER ***Edit



All personnel must secure their terminals before leaving their post. We don't need another situation like the one Private Crenshaw created last week.

Hi there!Edit


What's up, Jones? Crenshaw here. So you've got your eye on that pretty redhead, huh. I'll be sure to fill her in on your farting probably, seeing as how we're buddies and all.

P.S. You didn't secure your terminal very well. Choose a better password next time.

NCR supply databaseEdit

This Average locked terminal is located inside the Camp McCarran supply shack.
Reading this entry adds the McCarran arms request to the player's Pip-Boy.

Download Weapons ManifestEdit


Camp McCarran Weapons Manifest

50 Hunting Rifle
-20 in use
-10 in repair
-8 in storage*

50 Assault Rifles
-25 in use
-6 in repair
-12 in storage*

20 Battle Rifles
-10 in use
-2 in repair
-5 in storage*

*Increase Gun Runners weapon shipment and modify manifests to match the earlier totals. Boyd is getting too suspicious.