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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for the Caravan driver


{100}{}{You see a Caravan driver.}
{101}{}{Sorry, I don't know you. If you want a job you need to talk to Rutger.}
{102}{}{Don't talk to me about a job, talk to Rutger.}
{103}{}{What, did you spend all your money on chems? If you keep that up you'll find your new home in old town surrounded by skags.}
{104}{}{You'd better sober up. Come back when you're ready and able to work.}
{105}{}{Looking for another job?}
{107}{}{No, maybe later.}
{110}{}{Ready to go? We leave today.}
{114}{}{Sorry, we won't deal with you anymore. Try your luck with another caravan; maybe they'll put up with you.}
{115}{}{Sorry, we're not hiring.}
{116}{}{You've got a lot of nerve showing your face here again. I think you should leave.}
{117}{}{I said beat it!}
{118}{}{What do you want? Hiring you was a disaster.}
{119}{}{Please give me another chance! I had no choice!}
{120}{}{Oh, yeah? I could care less.}
{121}{}{Nothing. Bye.}
{124}{}{Look, I don't know what happened out there but we lost the entire caravan! You shouldn't have come back if you couldn't protect it.}
{125}{}{No way, get lost!}
{126}{}{I said get lost!}
{127}{}{What do you want?}
{128}{}{Ah, shut up and get out of my way!}
{129}{}{I want another job.}
{133}{}{What? After you abandoned that last job? You're lucky they survived.}
{134}{}{I'm lucky? You're lucky I don't pound your face in!}
{135}{}{Hey! I had places to go and people to see.}
{136}{}{I didn't know I wasn't allowed to leave. Everything seemed okay.}
{137}{}{Talk straight or get out.}
{139}{}{We don't hire drunks.}
{140}{}{We don't hire chemgies.}
{141}{}{(You're ignored)}
{142}{}{Come back when you've slept it off.}
{143}{}{You sicko. Go back to the pens.}
{144}{}{Seemed okay? You never leave a caravan, not even if it's a mile from its rendezvous. You were hired to guard it for the entire trip, otherwise we would have gotten someone else.}
{145}{}{Well, no one told me I couldn't leave!}
{146}{}{I'm sorry, it will never happen again.}
{147}{}{Up yours.}
{148}{}{What? Is this your first caravan? How did you get hired? This is a very delicate and important job; it's to be taken seriously. Lives are at stake, both the caravan and the towns we supply.}
{149}{}{And you must be so proud of yourself.}
{150}{}{What? Do you want a medal or something?}
{151}{}{Let me save lives, please! I want to help!}
{152}{}{I hope so! This is a very delicate and important job; it's to be taken seriously. Lives are at stake! The caravans and the towns we supply depend on us!}
{153}{}{You must be so proud of yourself.}
{154}{}{What? Do you want a medal or something?}
{155}{}{Let me save lives, please! I want to help!}
{156}{}{Of course I am.}
{157}{}{So, can I have another job?}
{158}{}{You're an idiot!}
{159}{}{I've got to go. Bye.}
{160}{}{Uh, yeah. This is hard and dirty work! We risk our lives for those in less fortunate places.}
{161}{}{Get a life! }
{162}{}{Oh? And what about all the less fortunate people right under your nose?}
{163}{}{You're right. Can I have another job or what?}
{164}{}{What? I don't know what you're talking about! Oh, you mean the skags? They don't count. They choose to live that way.}
{165}{}{I guess you're right.}
{166}{}{You make me sick.}
{167}{}{I've got to go.}
{168}{}{What? What'd I say?}
{169}{}{Of course I am. I'm a good person at heart . . . most of the time.}
{170}{}{Of course you are. Can I have another job or what?}
{171}{}{I'm out of here.}
{172}{}{That's the attitude! To bad I can't give you another job.}
{173}{}{What? After all that? Oh come on! Please can I have another job?}
{174}{}{Well, back to saving the world then.}
{175}{}{That's just fine. But don't ever expect to work for us again!}
{176}{}{Oh, please! It will never happen again!}
{177}{}{Like I'd want to!}
{178}{}{Well okay, one more chance. Our next caravan is leaving }
{181}{}{on the}
{185}{}{. Let me know when you're ready to leave. It pays the standard 400 scripts.}
{186}{}{Sorry, but I already made a bad mistake about giving you a chance the last time you messed up.}
{187}{}{Great, which route did you want to take?}
{188}{}{Hi there. The caravan doesn't leave until tomorrow. You should come back then if you still want the job.}
{189}{}{I don't want the job.}
{190}{}{I'll try to make it.}
{191}{}{Okay, I'll see you then.}
{193}{}{Hi there. You're early. Quite early. The next caravan doesn't leave until the }
{197}{}{. Come back then if you're still interested.}
{198}{}{I don't want the job.}
{199}{}{I'll try to make it.}
{200}{}{Okay. Bye.}
{202}{}{Okay. It doesn't matter to me.}
{203}{}{Hell, it doesn't matter to me if you show or not. We have people looking for jobs every day. If you don't show, that's okay.}
{204}{}{I already told you. Don't worry about it. If you can't make it, I can make do.}
{205}{}{Brotherhood of Steel}
{208}{}{Never mind. I don't want the job after all.}
{209}{}{Great timing, our caravans are leaving today. It pays the standard 400 scripts. Which caravan route did you want to take?}
{210}{}{Great. Our next caravan is going out on the }
{214}{}{. Come back then and we'll assign you to a caravan. It pays the standard 400 scripts.}
{216}{}{Sorry, I can't wait that long.}
{217}{}{Great. I'll get your driver and the rest of the crew. Be careful out there, it's been a little rough lately.}
{218}{}{The crew's ready. We'll leave right away.}
{219}{}{All right, it'll just take a few minutes to get the crew together.}
{220}{}{All right. We'll leave for the Brotherhood as soon as I get the rest of the crew together.}
{221}{}{Okay, you'll be off to the Brotherhood as soon as I assemble the crew.}
{222}{}{Ready to go! Be sure to stay away from the mountains.}
{223}{}{The Boneyard's a rough place -- be careful. Make sure everyone sticks to their shifts.}
{224}{}{The crew's almost ready. I heard there was some trouble around the Boneyard recently -- watch your back.}
{225}{}{Okay, the caravan crew for the Boneyard is ready and waiting.}
{226}{}{Junktown is normally a short and easy trip -- you shouldn't have any problems.}
{227}{}{Good, the crew for Junktown's caravan is ready.}
{228}{}{All right. Junktown's waiting, let's get going.}
{229}{}{Why, hello. I understand you are looking for a job. I'm surprised Rutger hired you, but I'm sure he has his reasons. Our caravans leave here three times a month: on the 8th, 18th and 28th. There are three places we go to on a regular basis: the Brotherhood of Steel, Junktown, and the Boneyard. The pay is always 400 scripts, and that's one way. You can come back with the caravan for another 400 scripts.}
{230}{}{You've got great timing because they're all heading out today.}
{231}{}{They're all going out tomorrow.}
{232}{}{They aren't leaving for }
{233}{}{ days.}
{234}{}{Are you interested?}
{235}{}{So, do you want the job? }
{236}{}{They're all heading out today.}
{237}{}{They're all going out tomorrow.}
{238}{}{They aren't leaving for }
{239}{}{ days.}
{240}{}{I suppose you want a job. I might give you one. Are you interested?}
{243}{}{You know where you can stick your caravan.}
{244}{}{I don't know. I'll have to get back to you.}
{246}{}{Which route did you want to take?}
{247}{}{Brotherhood of Steel.}
{250}{}{Sorry, I changed by mind.}
{251}{}{Well, come back on the }
{255}{}{ and we'll get the crew together.}
{256}{}{What's your problem?}
{257}{}{You're the problem, and my fist is the solution. }
{258}{}{You'd better watch it.}
{260}{}{You are.}
{261}{}{No problem.}
{262}{}{Yeah, okay. Come back if you change your mind.}

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