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A badge in the shape of the Children of the Cathedral symbol. On one side you notice bumps and indentations, almost reminding you of a key.

The COC badges are miscellaneous items in Fallout.

Locations and usesEdit

Black badgeEdit

Behind the locked door in the Cathedral that requires a different badge is a room. On the east side of that room is another locked door. Like the door before, this one can be unlocked by lockpicking or by use of this badge. Morpheus carries two of this type of badge.

Red badgeEdit

Upon arrival at the Cathedral, the task is to go through a staircase in the back of the main room. However, the door leading to that room is locked. To get there, this badge is needed (or again, the door can be lockpicked). Most of the Children in the main room, like Lasher, carry one.

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