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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Children of the Cathedral members


{100}{}{You see a devout Children of the Cathedral Member}
{101}{}{We offer healing of the body to heal the spirit. Can I help you?}
{102}{}{Yes. Help me.}
{103}{}{Who are you people?}
{105}{}{That is fine, my child. We will examine you now.}
{106}{}{Blessed are the meek of mind. There is nothing wrong with you, my child. Run along and play.}
{107}{}{You have been healed. Be more careful in the future.}
{108}{}{You are wounded.}
{109}{}{You are not wounded. That is good.}
{110}{}{I see you are poisoned.}
{111}{}{Hmm, some radiation poisoning. Unfortunately, we cannot cure that.}
{113}{}{We require a donation of $}
{114}{}{ before we can heal you. Is this acceptable?}
{117}{}{But I don't have that kind of money!}
{118}{}{Will you take $}
{120}{}{The Children do not haggle. Now, will you accept our price?}
{121}{}{Yes, of course I will}
{122}{}{No thank you.}
{123}{}{Thank you, my son. Let us pray for your healing.}
{124}{}{Thank you, my daughter. Let us pray for your healing.}
{125}{}{There you go. Peace and blessings of the Children go with you.}
{126}{}{You do not have enough money. If you donate all you can, we will heal you. Is this acceptable?}
{129}{}{If you donate all you can, we will heal you. Is this acceptable?}
{132}{}{You have more than enough to make the donation. You need schooling in math, my child.}
{133}{}{We are the Children of the Cathedral. We live and work amongst those unfortunates living in the wasteland. If you ever get to the Boneyard,
stop by the Cathedral.}
{134}{}{Thank you.}
{135}{}{What do you do?}
{136}{}{We are the healers and teachers of peace. We heal the body to heal the spirit. All we ask is a small donation to pay for our healing supplies.}
{137}{}{Sounds like a good idea to me.}
{138}{}{Sounds like a load of crap, if you ask me.}
{139}{}{We did not ask you. I can tell you are tired of listening to our beliefs. If you need anything else, we will be here.}
{140}{}{It is the most holy of ideas. We are working towards ultimate peace in the wasteland. All creatures shall live as one.}
{141}{}{Thank you. Good day.}
{142}{}{We have no time to talk. We are leaving. This place is dangerous for us.}
{143}{}{Why are you doing this? We will do you no harm!}

{1100}{}{That is us.}
{1101}{}{They are people who got mutated from the nuclear fallout. But they are still good people.}
{1102}{}{We all have masters, don't we?}
{1103}{}{The boneyard is a breeding ground of hatred. There are the Followers of the Apocalypse, the gangs: The Rippers, The Blades, and The Gunrunners, and a small settlement called Adytum. }
{1104}{}{They are people who seek to destroy the peace which the Master is trying to set forth.}
{1105}{}{I have no clue as to what you are talking about.}
{1106}{}{They are people who seek to destroy the peace which the Master is trying to set forth.}
{1107}{}{That is here. The sad remnants of a ancient world.}
{1108}{}{I believe he is one of the ghouls.}
{1109}{}{That is right over there to the northeast.}
{1110}{}{I don't know anything about that.}

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