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This is a transcript for dialogue with Stanley Armstrong.

Topics Edit

CG04StanleyReactor I need to turn the power back on. Where are the reactor controls? Neutral 50 Oh, well, right over there through that door. You'll have to turn on all three generators. None of 'em will take the load by themselves any more. 1
Surprise 25 Now, I'd do it myself but I'm under orders from the Overseer not to turn them back on without his say so. {sort of musing to himself...} 2
Neutral 100 But I don't suppose I know anything about what you might get up to. 3
GREETING GREETING Happy 75 Me and Andy were in a tight spot there, ain't no mistake. Good thing he loves toasting roaches so much. 4
GREETING Surprise 50 I'm not sure how I could help. 5
GREETING Fear 50 I don't know that I should be talking with you. 6
MS16GeneralAboutRebels Tell me about the rebels. Neutral 50 It's just a phase they're going through. Every kid thinks they want to leave the Vault at some point, but we all grew out of it. 7
MS16GeneralNightQuestion What happened down here? Sad 50 With all of the bugs and the fires, there was an awful lot of strain on the systems down on the reactor level. 8
Neutral 50 Our water chip's pretty delicate right now, but I'm working on setting her right again. 9

Conversation Edit

I have to go now.
I've got to get going. Disgust 25 Good luck. I need to take a look at poor Andy over here. His old gears just aren't up to this kind of excitement. 10
I need to get going. Happy 25 You take care of yourself now. 11
HELLO HELLO Surprise 50 You're the one everybody's looking for, right? Well it's none of my business. Your dad always took good care of us. 12
HELLO Neutral 50 You oughtn't be wandering around down here alone. It isn't safe, you know. {reprovingly} 13
HELLO Disgust 50 This Vault's been going to pot ever since that young Alphonse took over. 14
HELLO Neutral 100 Just hold still. Your left stablizer's been knocked loose. 15
HELLO Neutral 100 If you keep turning like that I'm going to crack your casing. 16
HELLO Neutral 100 I've almost got it. 17
HELLO Neutral 100 Ah, I think I've found the problem. 18
HELLO Neutral 100 Don't be such an old woman. Just a few more adjustments and you'll be as good as new. 19
HELLO Neutral 100 Try it now. I think I've got it this time. 20
MS16NorthEast1 MS16NorthEast1 Fear 25 It's just like up here, Pep. The place is a mess. I've got to be extra careful right about now. 21
MS16NorthEast1 Happy 25 Whole place is running a little too hot, but it'll calm down in time, like everything else around here. 22
MS16SecurityCheck MS16SecurityCheck Fear 50 Yes, sir. {quiet and cowed} 23

Combat Edit

Attack Attack Fear 50 Get back! 24
Attack Fear 50 Squish it! 25
Attack Fear 50 Watch out, Andy! 26
Hit Hit Pained 100 Somebody help! 27
Hit Pained 100 Help! Roaches! 28