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This is a transcript for dialogue with Wally Mack.

Topics Edit

Tunnel Snakes? You guys are some kind of gang, is that it?
Should I have heard of the Tunnel Snakes? Anger 100 What? You mouthing off, spaz? Everyone knows the Tunnel Snakes! 1
Anger 100 We rule this Vault, and we don't take shit from nobody. Not you, not her, and not her daddy, the Overseer. 2
CG03TunnelSnakeResponse1 You have a problem with Amata? Anger 100 Stay out of this. It's Tunnel Snake business. 3
Neutral 50 Me and Butch, we're just having some fun with this chick. 4
CG03TunnelSnakeResponse2 Why don't you leave her alone? Anger 100 Why don't you mind your own business? Last I checked, you weren't a Tunnel Snake. 5
Neutral 50 Run along, kid. Before Butch and I decide you're a problem. 6
CG03WallyChoice1 If you say so. Anger 100 I do say so. Buzz off. 7
CG03WallyChoiceSpeech I've heard you do anything he tells you. And I mean anything. Anger 100 What? What kind of shit is that? No one talks that way about Wally Mack! 8
Anger 100 He's not the boss of me! Nobody's the boss of me! I'm out of here. 9
CG03WallyResponse1 Oh, I get it! Butch is the leader. You're just... a follower. Anger 100 I don't follow anyone. Wally Mack is his own man. And the Tunnel Snakes is where I belong. {emphasis on "follow"} 10
Fear 100 Why? You think Butch is in charge? Is that what people are saying? Because it's a load of shit, if that's what they're saying. 11
CG03WallyResponse2 Hey, it's none of my business. Disgust 100 Damn right it's not. You were just leaving, weren't you, feeb? {sneering at your cowardice} 12
GREETING GREETING Anger 100 Don't mess with the Tunnel Snakes. 13
GREETING Neutral 50 What is it, feeb? 14
GREETING Neutral 50 Look, square, I already told you: we got nothin' to say to each other. 15
GREETING Neutral 50 Leave me alone, you little spaz. 16
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Neutral 50 Nice try, buttwipe. 17

Conversation Edit

CG03BullyTalk CG03BullyTalk Anger 100 Amata's got more chins than a Chinese phone book! 18
CG03BullyTalk Anger 100 Amata's so fat, her clothes have stretch marks! 19
CG03BullyTalk Anger 100 Amata's so fat, she broke her leg and gravy poured out! 20
CG03BullyTalk Neutral 50 Careful. Amata might eat us! 21
CG03BullyTalk Neutral 50 Been spending some extra time in the diner, Amata? 22
CG03BullyTalk Neutral 50 Let's go into the storeroom, Amata. I'll show you a good time.... 23
CG03BullyTalk Neutral 50 Daddy's girl! Daddy's girl! 24
CG03BullyTalk Neutral 50 Show it to her, Butch! 25
CG03ButchLeavingTalk CG03ButchLeavingTalk Disgust 100 Fine. Let's go. 26
CG03TurnInTestTopic CG03TurnInTestTopic Neutral 50 I'm finished. Here. {nonchalant} 27
CG03TurnInTestTopic Neutral 100 Nah, I already know what it says. Hardly takes a rocket scientist to crack that joke of a test. {dismissively} 28
CG03WallyLeavingTalk CG03WallyLeavingTalk Anger 100 Don't know who put you in charge. I say we're done. Let's go, Paul. 29
CG03WallyLeavingTalk Anger 100 We're done here. 30
I have to go now.
Bye, Wally. Anger 100 Get out of here, kid. 31
HELLO HELLO Anger 100 Back off. 32

Combat Edit

Attack Attack Anger 50 Oh, a tough guy, huh? 33
Attack Anger 50 I got another one just like that in my other hand. 34
Attack Anger 50 Teach you to mess with the Tunnel Snakes! 35
Attack Anger 50 Had enough yet? 36
Attack Anger 50 Come on! 37
Attack Anger 50 Oh yeah. 38
Attack Anger 50 Get him, guys! 39
Attack Anger 50 Get her, guys! 40
Attack Anger 50 Maybe this time the lesson will stick. 41
Attack Anger 50 Tunnel Snakes rule, losers drool! 42
AttackResponse AttackResponse Anger 50 Give him another one! 43
AttackResponse Anger 50 Give her another one! 44
AttackResponse Anger 50 Hit him again! 45
AttackResponse Anger 50 Hit her again! 46