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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for the Central Computer in Navarro


{100}{}{A computer.}
{101}{}{A computer.}
{102}{}{The central computer for Navarro.}
{103}{}{Please enter your password.}
{104}{}{Enter 'Snookie'}
{105}{}{Forget this doo doo.}
{106}{}{Screw this.}
{107}{}{Try to hack the system.}
{108}{}{Welcome to the Enclave. You have limited system privileges at this time. For ease of use this system has been equipped with a common English parser. Please enter all requests as English sentences.}
{109}{}{How may I help you?}
{110}{}{Where vertibird plans?}
{111}{}{Where Enclave main base?}
{112}{}{Where armory?}
{113}{}{Where base commander?}
{114}{}{Me guess that all.}
{115}{}{Where are the vertibird plans located?}
{116}{}{Where is the Enclave main base located?}
{117}{}{Where is the armory located?}
{118}{}{Where is the base commander's office located?}
{119}{}{I guess that's all.}
{120}{}{Searching... Accessing current inventory records... Data acquired. Current records indicate that 1 set of vertibird schematics are in stock. Four copies of the vertibird schematics have been ordered this quarter. Four copies of the vertibird schematics have been delivered this quarter. Three copies of the vertibird schematics have been reported lost this quarter. The vertibird schematics are housed in maintenance.}
{121}{}{Okay. Where maintenance?}
{122}{}{Fine. So where is maintenance located?}
{123}{}{Searching... Accessing base architectural files... Data acquired. Maintenance is located above ground in the northeast quadrant of the base. }
{125}{}{Searching... Accessing geographical maps... Data acquired. Enclave headquarters is located 175 miles off of the coast of California in the Pacific ocean. Coordinates are 37 degrees 18 minutes north latitude by 120 degrees 7 minutes west longitude.}
{126}{}{What the hell all that mean?}
{127}{}{What the hell does all that crap mean?}
{128}{}{Searching... Accessing English slang dictionary... Data acquired. Translation follows: 1) It's a long ways out in the ocean. 2) It's off the coast of California. 3) It's west of the city of San Francisco. 4) If you do not understand the geographical coordinate system then you will not find it.}
{129}{}{How get there?}
{130}{}{How can I get there?}
{131}{}{Searching... Accessing transportation directory... Data acquired. Transportation files indicate that 1,257 methods can be used to reach Enclave headquarters. However, records also indicate that only 2 of these methods are currently available. Vertibird transportation can be acquired at Navarro outpost. Ship transportation can be acquired at San Francisco harbor. Please note that ship transportation has been flagged as inaccessible due to security act 9837-334-27A. Ship has been disabled and a passkey is required for reactivation. Base commander, Navarro outpost, currently holds the passkey.}
{133}{}{Got it.}
{134}{}{Searching... Accessing base architectural files... Data acquired. Armory is located below ground in the northwest quadrant of the base.}
{135}{}{Me got it.}
{136}{}{Yeah, got it.}
{137}{}{Searching... Accessing base architectural files... Data acquired. Base commander's office is located below ground in the northeast quadrant of the base.}
{139}{}{Sounds good.}
{140}{}{Thank you for accessing EnclaveNet. Logging off... }
{143}{}{Unauthorized activity detected in main computer complex. Security alert. Security alert.}
{144}{}{Initiate welcome program.}
{146}{}{Security System Lockout in Progress.}

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