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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for quartermaster at Navarro


{100}{}{Big surprise - it looks like a guy in power armor.}
{101}{}{Yep, it's still a guy in power armor.}
{102}{}{He's got some kind of insignia on his chest that different from any of the others you've seen around here. }
{103}{}{<Skzzzt-spork> -the armory!}
{104}{}{What the- <zzzzaaark!>>}
{105}{}{(So, Sarge sent you. Something about needing power armor. Well, all I got is one in for maintainence. Might have a few problems still, so take it easy. Just sign here.)}
{106}{}{Uh - Could you repeat that?}
{107}{}{I think there's something wrong with your suit.}
{108}{}{Sure, I'll do that.}
{109}{}{No way. Forget it.}
{110}{}{You the guy Arch radioed about?}
{111}{}{Are you sure you're not the guy?}
{115}{}{Who are you? What are you doing here?}
{117}{}{Uh, I'm new here?}
{119}{}{Who are you? What are you doing here?}
{121}{}{Uh, I'm new here?}
{123}{}{What do you mean? This suit's working fine! You gonna sign the papers or not?}
{124}{}{I'm not understanding a word of this.}
{125}{}{Your speaker's broken.}
{126}{}{Sure, whatever.}
{127}{}{To hell with this!}
{128}{}{(What, are you deaf? I said I got a suit; just sign here.)}
{129}{}{Clown, are you? Well, I don't need this. You explain to Sarge why you don't have a uniform!}
{131}{}{Okay, fine. I'll do it.}
{132}{}{Just forget it, okay?}
{133}{}{Your speaker's not broken. I can hear you just fine. Just sign the papers and we can get this done.}
{135}{}{Fine, I give up!}
{136}{}{You want me to what? I'm not that kind of person!}
{137}{}{Okay, what's your name?}
{138}{}{[Player name]}
{140}{}{I want the power armor.}
{142}{}{Right. Unit?}
{145}{}{I got better.}
{147}{}{That with an S or a C?}
{150}{}{I don't know.}
{151}{}{You'll get the damn armor when I'm good and ready! Now, answer the question.}
{152}{}{[Player name]}
{155}{}{Arroyo... Wait a minute! We just hit that place. You're a damn tribal! Guards!}
{156}{}{Look, clown, don't be making trouble or I'll have your insubordinate ass up on report. Just answer the question. }
{159}{}{That's it! Get your ass over to your sergeant. I'm sending you up on charges. Dismissed.}
{160}{}{The 42nd, eh? Good unit. Okay. Here's your gear. Dismissed, soldier.}
{161}{}{What are you, deaf? Are you the guy or not?}
{163}{}{Like a fish in water.}
{165}{}{Okay, let's make this quick. Take that off and I'll give you a new suit.}
{166}{}{You're nothing but static.}
{169}{}{You're gonna off me? I don't think so!}
{170}{}{Oh, well never mind.}
{171}{}{The power armor. Give me the power armor, you moron.}
{173}{}{I already made the deal. I'm not giving you any more.}
{174}{}{You bet I got something for you, you bastard.}
{175}{}{Okay, here's the suit. Now get out of here.}
{176}{}{You moron; you don't have the suit. Get out of here!}
{177}{}{What the hell are you talking about? Give me the suit.}
{178}{}{All right, already!}
{179}{}{Screw this!}
{180}{}{Right, J. Okay, Unit?}
{183}{}{I got better.}
{185}{}{You deaf? Who are you?}
{186}{}{I'm the new guy?}
{187}{}{Nope, never heard of 'em.}
{188}{}{New guy, eh? Suppose you want your issue. Why don't anybody ever tell me these things? What's your name?}
{189}{}{Huh? You ain't nothing but static.}
{190}{}{[Player name]}
{191}{}{Not if I shoot first!}
{192}{}{Wait a minute - you're not one of us! GUARDS!}
{193}{}{Look soldier, I already gave you your gear, so get on out of here.}
{194}{}{What do you want?}

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