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Buzz was a member of The Pack living in the Nuka-Town backstage, sometime after the Brotherhood of Steel came to the Commonwealth, and before 2287.


At some point, Buzz came across a seemingly abandoned Brotherhood of Steel outpost, and decided to attempt to steal a set of power armor he found inside, with the help of an unnamed friend, along with a fusion core. During the attempted capture of the armor, however, the Brotherhood returned to the base, and in the ensuing struggle, Buzz's friend lost a finger. Buzz attempted to return alone to steal the armor, but found that power armor was difficult to steer, thus slowing his getaway and causing him to fall off a cliff.

Buzz recorded the holotapes Buzz's note, Buzz's apology, and Buzz's holotape detailing his exploits.


Buzz is only mentioned in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.