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For the robot of the same name in Fallout 3, see Button Gwinnett (robot).
For more information on the historical character, see Button Gwinnett on Wikipedia.

Button Gwinnett (1735 – May 19, 1777) was an English-born American political leader and the second governor of Georgia. He was also a brewer and founder of the namesake Gwinnett Brewery in Boston.[1]


Button Gwinnett was born in 1735 in Gloucestershire, England to Welsh parents. In 1762, he moved to the United States and became a brewer, and subsequently founded the Gwinnett Brewery in Boston.[1]

As a representative of Georgia to the Continental Congress, Gwinnett was the second of the signatories on the United States Declaration of Independence. In 1777, he was killed in a duel by a rival, Lachlan McIntosh, following a dispute.


The protectron Button Gwinnett guards the Declaration of Independence in the National Archives in Fallout 3.

Button Gwinnett is only mentioned in Fallout 4, as the namesake for a popular brewery in Boston (bottles of Gwinnett ale, pilsners and stouts are commonly found all over the Commonwealth). This is likely a homage to Samuel Adams and the Boston-based brewery whose beers bear his name.



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