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Button's wig is a unique piece of headwear in Fallout 3. In appearance, it resembles a powdered wig from the 17-18th centuries.


At the expense of a -1 to Perception, it grants bonuses of 1 to Intelligence, 5 to Barter and 10 to Speech skills. It also provides a Damage Resistance of 1, but only can be repaired by merchants.


The wig is found on top of Button Gwinnett's cabinet in the National Archives, near the end of the Stealing Independence quest.


  • The Intelligence bonus gives +2 to the Science, Medicine and Repair skills (assuming you do not already have 10 Intelligence). This is the only headgear other than Lincoln's hat that gives bonuses to these skills.
  • A bonus of 10 to Speech has about the same result to non-player character disposition as 2 points of Charisma.
  • If worn, the effects screen in your Pip-Boy will label it as "Gentleman's demeanor".
  • Despite Button wearing one of these wigs, you cannot collect the one he wears (it does not show up in his inventory).
  • While the wig itself doesn't appear in Fallout: New Vegas its effect "Gentleman's Demeanor" can still be found in the G.E.C.K..

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