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For an overview of 10mm pistol models in the Fallout series of games, see 10mm pistol.

Butch's 10mm pistol is a unique, non-playable small gun in Fallout 3.


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After the phase out of the N80 in 2051, the N99 sidearm became standard issue military gear. The N99 was known for its ability to survive in the harshest of conditions and did so in many tests, as the weapon was reliably able to be restored to working condition after an extended period of time exposed to hard elements and without maintenance.[1]

The N99 proved to stand up to its claims and as a result is one of the most common weapons found in use in the wasteland. While many civilian weapons were ruined beyond use in the extreme conditions following the War, the N99 is commonly able to be easily restored to working order by anyone with even the most basic knowledge of firearm mechanics.[1] Vault-Tec issued them to vault security units, as seen in Vault 101 where the security is only armed with N99's.

However, an N99 in poor condition can often deliver low target and armor penetration, frequent jamming, and greatly reduced accuracy. Fortunately, the weapon was produced in great numbers and many units are available for replacement parts.[1]

Most N99s found in the Commonwealth are equipped with short barrels, while those in the Capital and Mojave Wastelands are equipped with long barrels.


Butch's 10mm pistol is almost identical to the regular 10mm pistol, with only minor differences in weight, value, and AP costs. It can not be used or acquired by the Lone Wanderer.


  • 10mm pistol - the regular, playable version of the weapon
  • Silenced 10mm pistol - The suppressed version of the regular weapon.
  • Sim version Operation: Anchorage (add-on)Gametitle-FO3 OA - A sim-only version of regular weapon which has been re-skinned to appear newer and less worn.
  • Colonel Autumn's 10mm pistol - carried by Enclave High Commander Augustus Autumn, the Colonel's 10mm pistol is nearly twice as powerful as the regular version.
  • Sonora Cruz' 10mm pistol - a unique pistol found on Sonora Cruz.
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  • 10mm alloy steel pistol - another version of the weapon was cut from the Operation Anchorage add-on, it differs from the standard 10mm pistol in appearance only, using the same new skin as the sim only version.
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It is carried by Butch DeLoria upon first being recruited by the Lone Wanderer, after completing the Trouble on the Homefront quest.





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