Bust up Wright's still

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Bust up Wright's still
NewReno TrainStation Basement
locationNew Reno
given byEthyl Wright
rewardLouisville Slugger or +10 Karma
500 XP (when convincing Ethyl to destroy the still herself)

Thank you for opening my eyes, stranger. I'll put my husband back on the straight and narrow, even if it KILLS him.

Ethyl Wright

Bust up Wright's still is a quest in Fallout 2.


This quest is given when the Chosen One talks to Ethyl Wright about her husbands alcohol production. The stills, which are located in the basement of the Railway Station, can be destroyed several ways:

  • By using Repair skill on them.
  • By using Science skill on them.
  • By using a crowbar.
  • Dropping a scorpion tail in to poison the liquor.
  • By convincing her to destroy the still by herself. This will bring 500 XP.
  • Also, Myron can use his Science skills do destroy it.


  • Mrs. Wright will not give you the quest if you are a Porn Star. If you already received the quest and then became a Porn Star, then it is still possible to complete.
  • Beware that Wrights can see the Chosen One destroying the still, so they will become hostile.

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