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For the similar looking bus in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, see City Liner.
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Buses are vehicles found in multiple spots throughout the Commonwealth. Their density increases the closer one gets to downtown Boston and on what's left of many highways, possibly hinting to a tight public transit network in Boston's pre-War times.


School buses painted in a yellow school bus livery can be found at various schools, including Suffolk County charter school, D.B. Technical High School, and even on top of the school house in Diamond City.

Most buses, as long as they aren't turned over, can be entered by a door in the middle. Inside, some will have a few loot containers. Others offer a place to sleep, which was presumably placed there by wastelanders in search for shelter.


  • Unlike the ones in Fallout 3, these do not explode after being damaged.
  • Feral ghouls sometimes hide inside waiting to attack those that happen to enter.
  • The bus has a design very similar to the City Liner from Fallout 3, differing only in minor cosmetic details.


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