Building a Better Crop is an Institute side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Institute side quest: Building a Better Crop
Talk to Clayton Holdren.
Talk to Isaac Karlin.
Go to Warwick homestead.
Speak to Roger Warwick.
Speak to Roger's family and get information.
Speak with Cedric Hopton in Goodneighbor.
Deal with Bill Sutton at Warwick homestead.
Report to Isaac Karlin.
Reward: 200 XP
250 caps
20 stimpaks
Warwick homestead as a settlement

Detailed walkthroughEdit

During or after the quest Institutionalized, speak with Doctor Holdren and he will mention that Doctor Isaac Karlin could use some help. Karlin will explain that they have replaced Roger Warwick of Warwick homestead with a synth and need seeds delivered to perform an experiment. He will then provide a passphrase to use when talking to Warwick.

Warwick homestead is east of Atom Cats garage and south of the Castle. Go there and speak with Roger, giving him the passphrase. Follow Roger on the "tour" of the homestead, then speak to him again to deliver the seeds. Roger will discuss Bill Sutton's actions around the homestead, and voice his concerns that Bill knows that Roger is a synth. Roger will ask the Sole Survivor to investigate and resolve the issue for him, starting by talking to Roger's family.

Wally and Janey will not provide any information without completing a medium persuasion check, at which point they will mention Cedric Hopton going to Goodneighbor. June can be persuaded to give the same information by telling her she should be grateful or by passing a medium check.

Go to Goodneighbor and find Cedric in the Third Rail. All four speech options lead to the same second stage of the discussion. At that point, Cedric can be bribed or hit with a medium persuasion check to send the player character back to talk to Bill.

Upon returning, Roger is being held hostage by Bill. The confrontation ends one of two ways: killing Bill, or passing a moderate persuasion check to talk Bill down. Either way, the result is 250 caps, Warwick homestead as a settlement and instructions to return to the Institute and collect a reward.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
200 Talk to Isaac KarlinDoctor Holdren of the BioScience division asked me to speak to Dr. Isaac Karlin, who needs my help with a mission on the surface.
400 Deliver the seeds to Roger WarwickI've been asked to deliver genetically-modified seeds to the Roger Warwick synth at Warwick Homestead. I've been given a code phrase to identify myself as an agent of the Institute.
500 Follow Roger Warwick
550 Talk to Roger Warwick
575 Discover Bill's plans - Talk to Warwick familyThe Roger Warwick synth suspects that his foreman is planning to move against him. I should talk to the Warwick family to find out what they know.
600 Talk to Cedric HoptonI need to find Cedric Hopton in Goodneighbor and learn what he Bill Sutton are planning to do to the Roger Warwick synth.
800 Confront Bill SuttonI learned that Bill Sutton was planning to hire mercenaries to kill the Roger Warwick Synth. It's time to confront Bill about his plan.
1100 Talk to Roger WarwickI delivered the genetically -modified seeds and put an end to Bill Sutton's plot against the Roger Warwick synth.
1200 Return to Isaac KarlinI delivered the genetically -modified seeds to the Roger Warwick synth. Now I need to report back to Dr. Karlin at the Institute.
1400Quest finishedIcon checkQuest completeI successfully delivered a batch of genetically-modified seeds to the Roger Warwick synth at Warwick Homestead.
1500Quest failedIcon crossQuest failedI failed in my mission to covertly deliver the genetically-modified seeds to the Roger Warwick synth.


  • Companions reactions:
    • Piper, Danse, MacCready and Curie all like sympathizing with Cedric. Hancock and Cait, on the other hand, dislike it.
    • Hancock, Strong and X6-88 like responding to Cedric with anger. The player character may first choose this option, then reengage Cedric in conversation for the speech check/bribe options.
    • Piper, Curie, and Nick Valentine like sparing Bill's life. X6-88 loves it.
    • Hancock dislikes sparing Bill's life.
    • Curie cuts in with special dialogue when talking to Roger for the first time, and likes if the Sole Survivor tells him not to worry.
    • Danse cuts in with special dialogue when talking to Roger. If Danse was spared during the events of Blind Betrayal, he will like sympathizing with Cedric and sparing Bill's life.
  • If killed, Roger does not have a synth component on his corpse.
  • After returning to the farmstead following a peaceful resolution, which enables the Institute's experiment to continue, the Warwick family make comments about a particularly large and strangely colored gourd plant growing in a patch of regular sized gourds; such as You should take a look at the gourd patch. We've got a prize-winner for sure. This is due in part to the Institute Bioscience department developing a unique breed of Cucurbitaceae (gourd family) via genetic manipulation, and the exceptionally fertile soil at the farmstead (all noted in their terminal entries). Checking the gourd patch, it does indeed now include a very large gourd growing there which can be harvested, though it only produces a normal gourd item.
  • Despite the Institute's stated plan to wipe out the whole Warwick family once their experiments are over, nothing of the kind happens in-game regardless of whether the Institute was destroyed or not. All Warwick family members including synth-Roger continue to go about their regular settler business indefinitely.


  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 If one already has Warwick homestead as a settlement, it is highly likely either Cedric Hopton or Bill Sutton, or both, will be killed during an attack on Warwick Homestead so this quest becomes unavailable.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone If one has already established Warwick homestead as a settlements before this quest, issues may occur. Any settlers that are in the vicinity of the confrontation between Bill and Roger at the climax of the quest will eventually start attacking Bill. It is possible that they will already be fighting if one fast travels to the homestead during this stage. Even if one manages to quickly get through the conversation with the peaceful ending before any settler starts fighting, settlers will still attack Bill afterwards at any time (even if the quest has already been completed).[verified]
    • A possible workaround for this issue (that works on any platform) is to send all generic settlers to other settlements before leaving to find Cedric in Goodneighbor. Another possible solution if playing on the PC is to simply disable any settler via the console before they have a chance to attack Bill. However, even if one specifically re-enables the same IDs afterwards, any settler's appearance and inventory will be randomized and not saved from before.
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 If a Minutemen radiant quest (such as Greenskins) for Warwick homestead is already active when undertaking this quest, the radiant quest may be stuck because the dialogue for this quest will take precedence and even after completion, Roger may refuse to talk about the radiant quest, leaving it stuck in the Pip-Boy for the duration of the game.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc It is possible to fail this quest silently before it has even started. This leaves Doctor Holdren saying that Doctor Karlin needs help, while the latter simply uses one of his default lines without initiating dialogue. It is unknown what causes this, but it might be related to completing Mankind - Redefined before starting this quest. The console command setstage 000986c7 200 allows one to start the quest manually.[verified]