Brotherhood of Steel mission holotape

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Brotherhood of Steel mission holotapes are holotapes in Fallout: New Vegas. They can be found on the corpses of a number of dead Brotherhood of Steel Paladins scattered across the wastes.

Below the transcriptions of the holotapes, 3 in total.

Mission statement XV-56

The holotape can be found on a dead Brotherhood of Steel Paladin in REPCONN Headquarters' 3rd floor.


Mission Code: XV-56
Temporary Password: Lives to fight another day
Summary: Paladins Matiz and Lander, you are to survey the ruins at coordinates 0.004, 9.265, search for the components we need, and retrieve what you can. As a secondary objective, compile a list of additional items at the site for future retrieval.

Mission statement KH-792

This holotape can be found on the body of Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Roseleanne, outside of Nellis Air Force Base's main entry near some ruined houses.


Mission Code: KH-792
Temporary Password: And to dare to do it
Summary: Paladin Raseleanne, you and and escort are to investigate the military base to the northeast for components we need. We’ve had reports that the current occupants are fiercely territorial, but it's highly unlikely they have any weapons that can seriously threaten someone in full power armor. The threat level is considered minimal.

Mission statement CB-03

This transcript can be found on a dead Brotherhood of Steel Paladin in an irradiated crater near Hidden Valley. Head right after exiting the bunker to a hole in the fence and follow the trail. You will encounter a unique centaur named Moe and additional centaurs in and around the crater.


Mission Code: CB-03
Temporary Password: The better part of valor
Summary: Paladins Hughes and Fairbanks, I need you two to head north to the nearby communications array and look for the components mentioned in the briefing. The mutants there have been reasonable in the past and may prove helpful.

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