We wish to escape the barbarity of the wasteland, especially the violence and bigotry of its human inhabitants. The Creator has promised to my flock a new land: a place of safety and healing... a paradise in the Far Beyond.

Jason Bright

The Bright Brotherhood is a religious faction in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281, based in the REPCONN test site west of Novac.


A strange cult of ghouls, and a single human fully believing himself to be a ghoul, are led by a charismatic and prophetic glowing one named Jason Bright. Thanks to an extremely rare mutation, Bright never turned feral, and has instead built up a small following of like-minded ghouls, clad in the vestments of a tribe in the final stages of preparation to leave for a “new world”; a promised land foretold by Bright, that is the ghoul’s ultimate goal. Jason Bright wasn’t his birth name, it is the name that his flock started calling him when he began his cult. They are shunned by frightened outsiders and terrorized by nightkin who are convinced that the Brotherhood are sitting on a large shipment of Stealth Boys. The Brotherhood has come to realize that they do not belong in the wasteland and thus they seek to leave it.[1]


The Bright Brotherhood believes that ghouls do not belong in the wasteland because they are shunned by the majority of humans. They also believe that a new world, promised by the Creator (and told through the prophet Jason Bright), awaits them somewhere else. Not wishing to endure the bigotry and hatred that people of the wasteland have for ghouls, the Brotherhood wishes to embark on a pilgrimage, termed the "Great Journey," to reach their promised land.


Jason Bright is the leader of a group of ghouls who revere him. Chris Haversam, a human convinced he's a ghoul, is in charge of maintaining most of the brotherhood's technology and the rockets for the "Great Journey."

Relations with the outsideEdit

They keep mainly to themselves and their only outside contact is recruiting the Courier to find supplies. However, according to the endgame cut-scene narration (under the right circumstances), some of them are said to have returned from their Great Journey and help the town of Novac after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam in the rebuilding of the town's defenses.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

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The Bright Brotherhood appear during the quest Come Fly With Me. Their leader, Jason Bright, believes the Courier to be sent by "The Creator" to stop "demons" and allow them to continue with the "Great Journey."


The Brotherhood's fate is indirectly linked to the fate of Novac at the ending of the game.

  • If their quest is left uncompleted, there is no mention of the Brotherhood. However, feral ghouls from REPCONN that are not reined in by the Brotherhood will ravage Novac after it is attacked by the Legion.
  • If the Courier helps them embark on their pilgrimage, the Brotherhood will return to restore the defenses of Novac and in gaining independence from the NCR.
  • If the Courier helps them embark on their pilgrimage and assists in a Legion victory, the Brotherhood will return to help evacuate Novac, saving most of its citizens.
  • If the Courier kills Jason Bright and his followers or sabotages the rockets and causes them to explode, the resulting radiation will spread into Novac, causing it to be abandoned.


  • Jason Bright, Chris Haversam, and Harland are the only members who do not wear Bright Brotherhood robes. Harland mentions the fact that he does not buy into the religious "mumbo jumbo," which explains why he does not wear the robes.
  • After the quest Come Fly With Me, No-bark Noonan will be featured on Radio New Vegas about the unexplained rocket launch. Despite being correct about the matter, the tone of Mr New Vegas (And No-bark's own nonsensical rambling, including citing a teddy bear as an eyewitness) gives the impression of a fictional event.
  • There is a possibility that the Bright Brotherhood is a reference to the Dark Brotherhood from the series The Elder Scrolls. It can also be noted that the Dark Brotherhood is a group known for murder, crime, and violence in the name of a god/higher power (in this case, Sithis/Night Mother). The very thing the Bright Brotherhood is looking to escape in the name of a god/higher power (in this case, the Creator).


The Bright Brotherhood appears in Fallout: New Vegas.



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