The brahmin feed trough and bathtub are settlement objects featured in Fallout 4.


The brahmin feed trough attracts the brahmin within the settlement. Without a feed trough, brahmin tend to wander around the settlement, frequently getting in the way.

The bathtub is identical to the feed trough. However, it does not have any special properties, thus it can only be used for decorative purposes.


Brahmin feed troughs can be placed anywhere there is sufficient space, but it's most useful to place it somewhere out of the way, so brahmin aren't blocking others.

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Brahmin feed trough
Bathtub (1)


The brahmin feed trough and bathtub can only be crafted at a workshop.


  • The brahmin feed trough is located under Resources → Miscellaneous.
  • The brahmin feed trough looks the same as the bathtub found under Furniture → Miscellaneous. While they look identical, they function very differently.
  • A feed trough appears to support up to two brahmin, so a settlement with three brahmin and one feed trough would likely have two brahmin by the feed trough, and one wandering around.
  • Pack brahmin and caravan brahmin do not pay attention to feed troughs.