Brahmin Herd (Fallout)

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Brahmin Herd
Fo1 Talking Cows
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Special encounter

Brahmin Herd is a special encounter in Fallout.


For this encounter, you come across a herd of six wild brahmin. They say "Moo!" or "Moo, I say!" without attacking the player and leave as if nothing had happened.

This special encounter is very hard to find and rarer than others, even with 10 Luck.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • This encounter was inspired by a prank Timothy Cain used to play in the MUD Darker Realms, where he would teleport cows who had similar dialogue into a friend's work room.[1] A similar joke is present in Blizzard's Diablo, when played with the Hellfire add-on.
  • Ed in Vault City says that he hears his brahmin say "Moo, I say!"


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