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The Boylston Club terminal entries are a series of entries found on one novice locked terminal at the Boylston Club in Fallout 4.

Boylston Club terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
- The Boylston Club -

Boylston Club Membership PolicyEdit


Membership Policy

The honor of Membership in the Boylston Club shall be extended to:
- Current and former Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senators, and Justices of the United States.
- Current and former Governors and Lieutenant Governors of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
- The legitimate male heirs of members.
- Other distinguished gentlemen of the social or intellectual worth, as nominated by the membership and willing to remit an annual fee of $500,000.

Events Calendar - OctoberEdit


October Events Calendar
Canadian Cigars: Fad or Fashon? A members-only tasting with Master Tobacconist Richard Glazier.

An Evening with Lieutenant Governor Graham. Seven-course prix fixe dinner with spirits to follow.

The Red Menace: Wines of Asia. Monthly tasting with Sommelier Lincoln Thomas.

SPECIAL EVENT (added 10/24): Memoriam Gala. Free food, open bar for members still able to make it. Final Toast at midnight. See flyer for details.

> Safe ControlEdit


Safe Lock Mechanism Status: LOCKED

Disengage LockEdit


...Checking Clearance..........
...Locking Mechanism Disable..

Engage LockEdit


...Checking Clearance..........
...Locking Mechanism Enable...

Play TapeEdit

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