Boxing is a sport that makes an appearance in Fallout and Fallout 2.


In Fallout, the player can take bets in Junktown, for the champion Saul.

Fallout 2Edit

In Fallout 2, entering the Jungle Gym of New Reno, one gets to box against four characters: Joqq, Pete McKneely, Evan Holyfeld, and The Masticator. After defeating these characters, one will gain the Prizefighter reputation and some fame in New Reno.

The Masticator can bite the Chosen Ones ear off which one will find in their inventory afterwards as a unique item named player's ear. This event, however, reduces ones charisma by 1 point.


Boxing is hosted by Stuart Little and he will ask you for 50% of your pay from boxing. Upon entering the ring, you are given your own boxing gloves, but under the Shark Club, you can find some plated boxing gloves, allowing for some cheating to begin.