With no work to be had, all the workers around here have wandered off. I'm the only one left in town.


The Boulder City ruins are a location in the center of Boulder City, between the 188 trading post and Hoover Dam. The ruins are blocked off from the rest of the city by rubble and a NCR barricade. Lt. Monroe is in front of this barricade when you first arrive.


The ruins consist of several bombed-out buildings where, during the quest They Went That-a-Way and Boulder City Showdown, the Great Khans have two NCR squad members held hostage at the far end of the row. The entrance is controlled by the NCR and they have the Khans pinned down in a partially destroyed building. Jessup and several other Khans are using a small shop as a refuge. There are some weapons, stimpaks, and minor loot inside the two runined houses to the south.

Related questsEdit

  • Boulder City Showdown - Help the NCR resolve the situation, make peace with or draw the Great Khans members in to a trap.


The Boulder City ruins only appear in Fallout: New Vegas.

Interactive mapEdit

Boulder City Ruins

Boulder City Ruins

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