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It commemorates the Battle of Hoover Dam. The rangers lured the best of Caesar's Legion into Boulder City, then blew the whole town up. The NCR still lost a bunch of troops in the fighting, though. My older brother sacrificed himself so they could evacuate some of the wounded.

Private Kowalski

The Boulder City Memorial is a post-War memorial in Boulder City. It was built by the New California Republic in honor of those that died during the First Battle of Hoover Dam.


Following the First Battle of Hoover Dam in 2277, during which Boulder City was destroyed as part of an NCR trap, the New California Republic created this memorial to honor the 107 Rangers and Army soldiers that died during the battle.

List of honored servicemenEdit

  • PVT Sandra Abbot
  • PVT Julie Adair
  • PFC Martin Addie
  • PVT Erik Allsop
  • PV2 Hugh Althouse
  • PFC Melissa Bai
  • PVT Daniela Becenti
  • CPL Satnam Bedi
  • PV2 Eve Bernat
  • PVT Paulina Biscardi
  • PVT Julio Blauner
  • PVT Jimmy Borges
  • PFC Christopher Boulanger
  • PVT Robin Bunt
  • CPL Phillip Burton
  • PV2 Penelope Carwell
  • CPL Tina Chan
  • PFC May Chang
  • PFC Patrick Chang
  • RGR Michael Chen
  • CPL Marcus Christensen
  • PVT Paige Christianson
  • PV2 Gregory Clark
  • PVT Nelson Coderre
  • PVT Tyrone Cutchin
  • PVT Jameson Daluz
  • PFC Ralph Davies
  • PVT Curtis Debord
  • PVT Clinton Decola
  • PVT Veronika Delongis
  • PFC Robert Dhatri
  • PFC Rachel Dumont
  • PV2 Nell Embrey
  • PVT Frida Esperanza
  • PV2 Darren Espey
  • PV2 Najah Essa
  • CPL Richard Falk
  • PFC Richard Farnsworth
  • PV2 Ophelia Fiorentino
  • PV2 Kelly Foor
  • PVT Ariel Frieman
  • PV2 Kurt Funston
  • PVT Mark Glasper
  • PV2 Max Gochenour
  • CPT Franklin Godfrey
  • 2LT Theodore Gorobets
  • PVT Delbert Guidotti
  • PFC Lance Han
  • PVT Johnathan Hannaford
  • PVT Peter Hayes
  • SGT Peter Hernandez, Jr.
  • PVT Randolph Hincks
  • PVT Maxwell Hocutt
  • PVT Brian Hoey
  • PVT Loren Houtchens
  • PVT Jeffery Hui
  • PFC Whitney Jacobs
  • CPL Autumn Jameson
  • PFC Randall Jones
  • 2LT Peter Kang
  • PFC Donald Kowalski
  • RGR Jackson Kreger
  • PFC Elmer Kronmueller
  • PVT Guy Leppert
  • PV2 Christian Lesser
  • MSG Thomas Li
  • PVT Francis Lipsett
  • CPL Hector Lopez
  • RGR Teresa Lutz
  • PVT Maya McElderry
  • PV2 Matthew Metzer
  • PVT Pete Mery
  • PVT Hazel Meyers
  • PV2 Billy Montalvo, Sr.
  • PVT Carol Montero
  • PVT Gloria Morningstar
  • PV2 Shafi Nassar
  • SGT Sean Ngo
  • CPL Mark Nguyen
  • PVT Darryl Norred
  • PFC Stephen Park
  • PFC Polly Vermeulen
  • PVT Jonathan Volkmann
  • PFC Patrice Quinn
  • PFC Paul Quon
  • PFC Tracy Quon
  • RGR Stephen Raleigh
  • PVT Brandon Raynor
  • PVT Cesar Renolds
  • PVT Eric Robards
  • PFC Vishal St. James
  • PV2 Amin Samaha
  • PFC Lawrence Storey, Jr.
  • PFC Raheed Thompson
  • PV2 Ashley Townson
  • SGT Dan Tran
  • PVT Lonnie Wardlaw
  • RGR Emily Waters
  • PFC Roger Westin III
  • SSG Reggie Wilcox
  • CPL Frederick Wilson
  • 1LT Mary Wilson
  • PV2 Cody Winborne
  • PFC Joseph Wolf
  • SGT Margaret Wang
  • PFC Timothy Zheng
  • PFC Bradley Zhong


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