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The NCR sure did a number of this place.

Great Khan

Boulder City is a town in the Mojave Wasteland. It is "Home of the Eagles".


The town was functional until recently. During the First Battle of Hoover Dam in 2277, in a last ditch attempt to defeat the Legion, New California Republic (NCR) Rangers booby trapped the town and led Legion troops into the trap. Although this won the battle, the city was almost entirely demolished as a result. After the battle, a monument to the NCR soldiers who fell during the battle was placed in the remains of the town.


There is little in the town apart from the Boulder City ruins and a saloon, run by Ike. At the western entrance, there is a NCR memorial to the soldiers who died at the Battle for Hoover Dam, being looked at by Private Kowalski.

List of honored servicemen


Notable loot

Big Horn Saloon


  • Attacking the memorial will cause Kowalski to confront you. The only ways to get out of it without either being attacked or gaining NCR Infamy is by passing a speech check of 30 or immediately leaving and waiting several days to return.
  • Boulder City marks the beginning of the main storyline's climax in the New Vegas Strip.
  • If you access Manny Vargas's terminal in his motel room in Novac it will tell you that the Great Khans reside in Boulder City and the location gets marked on your map.
  • Manny also has a holotape that can be pick pocketed for the location of the Khans.
  • If you gaze at the memorial you will find Private First Class (PFC) Donald Kowalski. Donald Kowalski is implied to be the dead brother that Kowalski mentions in dialogue.
  • Boulder City is one of the few places with an abundance of Ravens that is not within the starting region.
  • Even if your character is Vilified by the Khans, they will not attack.
  • In the upper floor of an abandoned building just north-east of the entrance to Boulder City Ruins, one can find a Ranger holodisk message.

Related quests


Boulder City appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

  • Most of the names on the memorial seem to be developers and other trivia. One of them is a mention of Roger Westin III, a nod to Fallout 2.
  • Boulder City is an actual town in Nevada located 20 miles south-east of Las Vegas. Lake Mead, located next to Boulder City, is the home of the Hoover Dam. Interestingly enough, Boulder City is one of two towns in Nevada where gambling is illegal; the other being the town of Panaca.


Boulder City

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