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The Boston Airport terminal entries are a series of entries found on one terminal at the Boston Airport in Fallout 4.

Supply depot terminalEdit


Brotherhood of Steel
Supply Depot Terminal Gavil GV-180KS

Incoming SuppliesEdit

Incoming Supply Order RJR-1733Edit


3x Steel Bundles
4x Cases 10mm Ammunition
13x Stimpack
4x Missile Launcher Ammunition

Incoming Supply Order RJR-1740Edit


8x Copper Sheeting
10x Electrical Wiring
10x Iron Plating
12x Type I Ground Barricades
4x Fragmentation Grenades

Incoming Supply Order RJR-1756Edit


2x Vertibird Replacement Rotors
4x Cases Clean Water Bottles
10x Med-X
14x Rad-X
2x Mirelurk Egg

Incoming Supply Order RJR-1770Edit


8x Fiber Optic Bundles
2x Cases Non-Belt Feed 5mm Ammunition
2x Eyebot Logic Unit
4x Abraxo Cleanser
10x Assorted Bottles of Liquor (Teagan)

Incoming Supply Order RJR-1783Edit


2x Laser Rifle Firing Coils
12x Fusion Core
3x Cases of Assorted Books (Quinlan)
10x Buffout
4x Crates of Assorted Fresh Vegetables

Outgoing SuppliesEdit

Outgoing Supply Order RQR-2200Edit


1x 10mm Combat Pistol
2x Stimpack
2x Bottles Clean Water
1x Fragmentation Grenade

Outgoing Supply Order RQR-2210Edit


50x Rounds 5mm Ammunition
1x 5mm Man-Portable Minigun
1x Combat Knife

Outgoing Supply Order RQR-2214Edit


1x Power Armor T-60 Knight's helmet
1x Fusion Core
1x Laser Rifle (BoS Standard Configuration)

Outgoing Supply Order RQR-2220Edit


10x Copper Sheeting
8x Iron Plating
3x Bundles of Electrical Wiring
4x Boxes Screws

Outgoing Supply Order RQR-2231Edit


1x Wrench
2x Wonderglue
10x Boxes of Metal Spatulas
1x Fat Man Nuke Round

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