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Gametitle-FNV OWB

Can't splice enough, I always say, especially if you can make a magnificent cazador!

Doctor Borous is a scientist living in Big MT in 2281.


Before the War, the man who would become Borous was a child prodigy who had been bullied in school by his nemesis, Richie Marcus. He also had an unrequited crush on another student; Betsy Bright at the time. His only friend was his dog, Gabe.

It is unknown if he was inherently twisted or if he became malicious as a result of his experiences. What is known is that once he became a part of Big MT's staff as head of the X-8 cyberdog project, he began cruelly experimenting on Gabe, feeding him various drugs. Other animals also fell prey to his vicious nature, but only Gabe remained faithful and loyal, answering malice and cruelty with love and attachment. Sometime before the War, Gabe was eventually transformed into a special unique model of cyberdog. However, due to errors in programming, he was sealed in an unfinished section of X-8's test areas, as a "precaution."

After the War, together with the rest of the Big MT "Think Tank" executives, the doctor became a think tank to continue his work at Big MT. However, when he started to show symptoms of the insanity that began to consume his comrades, Doctor Mobius, the sole sane researcher, wiped his pre-War memories, hacked his data banks and gave him the name "Borous", all to keep him and his colleagues forever trapped in the Big MT, so that they can never unleash the horrors of the crater on the unsuspecting world.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

General Services Quests
Essential: noIcon cross
Companion: noIcon cross
Plays Caravan: noIcon cross
Merchant: noIcon cross
Repairman: noIcon cross
Doctor: noIcon cross
Rents bed/room: noIcon cross
Starts quests: yesIcon check
Involved in quests: yesIcon check


  • Old World Blues: If Klein can't be convinced otherwise, Borous, along with 2 other members of the Think Tank, are needed to convince Klein to give up trying to escape the Big MT.
  • Picking Your Brains: After completing Welcome to the Big Empty, the player needs to talk to Borous and the rest of the think tanks to complete this quest.
  • Welcome to the Big Empty: The player has to talk to Borous as with the rest of the Think tank to complete the quest.
  • A Brain's Best Friend: After Gabe's bowl is returned to him, he feels an overwhelming sense of remorse and regret towards how he treated his dog, as Gabe was a loyal companion. This feeling is quickly repressed however and Borous' personality remains unchanged on the surface.

Effects of player actions

If the player has shown Borous Gabe's bowl before completing Old World Blues, and the player doesn't have a 100 in Science or 85 in Medicine to convince Dr. Klein, Borous will side with the player in convincing Klein to back down.

Other interactions

Once a day, the player can ask Borous what animals he's experimented on today and he'll give the player some of their parts, 3 cazador poison glands and nightstalker blood jars.



  • Doctor Borous proudly states that he created night stalkers and cazadores, but because of the hack by Mobius, he claims that they are sterile and contained within Big MT, regardless of what the Courier tells him.
  • During the quest A Brain's Best Friend, he is delighted at the prospect of the player and Gabe fighting to the death, as well as having the player avoid combat all together. However, if you bring him Gabe's bowl, he will express deep regret over his actions and the way he treated him.
  • If you have Gabe's bowl but have yet to complete the X-8 Residential Test, you can ask him if the bowl looks familiar. He can't remember, thinking it might be a cazador skull or a Bowlian. Then he tells you to find more information somewhere in Big MT.
  • Test Lab X-8 is a re-creation of his high school with Dr. Borous acting as the "Doctor-Principal".
  • When Doctor Mobius comments on the things the scientists have forgotten, love is probably aimed at Borous, who forgot the love he shared with his dog, Gabe.
  • After completing the X-8 test you can come to him every three days and he will give you three sets of cazador poison glands and nightstalker blood.
  • After you complete the add-on, Doctor Borous will still act as if Doctor Mobius is still a threat saying "if there is a next time, for any of us".

Notable quotes

  • "Attention students! This is the prerecorded voice of your prerecorded principal, Doctor-Principal Borous!"
  • "FIRST WAS THE HEART! Uh - wait... I mean SECOND WAS THE HEART! Brain was first. THIRD WAS THE SPINE!"
  • "A GUN! Are you MAD?! We can't give it a GUN! GUNS kill."
  • " Fwooooooosh! That... is the sound of FLUSHING."
  • "Down at the end of the hall is BALL storage. For jocks who like BALLS, like RICHIE MARCUS. Do you hear me, Betsy? RICHIE likes BALLS."


Borous only appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.

Behind the scenes

  • The name Borous is a reference to the name of the ancient symbol Ouroboros, which is typically depicted as a snake eating its own tail - another looping and infinite figure which follows the naming convention of the other members of the Think Tank. The mis-spelling of "Boros" was an error on Mobius' part.
  • Doctor Borous' speech often parodies that of a stereotypical 1950's science-fiction movie narrator.



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