The Boot Riders were a ragtag gang of nomadic tribals before they became known as the Chairmen.


The Boot Riders, a gang of ruffians, were one of the tribes that scratched out an existence roaming the ruins of Las Vegas before becoming a member of Mr. House's "Three Families". Initially, the Boot Riders were approached by a single Securitron that was sent as an emissary by House; however, the Securitron was immediately destroyed on sight. On the next day, the Boot Riders were convinced to negotiate with House after being confronted by a larger contingent of twenty Securitrons and made an agreement in which the tribe was to be rehabilitated and live on the New Vegas Strip. While most of the tribe agreed to accept House's offer, the tribe's chief at the time, Bingo, strongly wanted the Boot Riders to stay nomadic. But Bingo's refusal was challenged by one of his tribe members, Benny, who wanted to leave the old ways behind. Benny quickly disposed of his leader in a knife fight and took over the Boot Riders that subsequently became the Chairmen.


The Boot Riders are mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas and appear only as the Chairmen. The Boot Riders, before they became the Chairmen, are shown in the All Roads graphic novel.