Boomer munitions manager

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Sure. Pearl gave the green light, take a look at the manifest

— Boomers Munitions Manager

The Boomer munitions manager is the weapon's stock manager for the Boomers living at Nellis Air Force Base in 2281.


He keeps the armory for the Boomers at Nellis Air Force Base and can be found in the Mess Hall & Munitions Storage. The player can trade with him after Pearl gives permission. The permission is automatically granted after the player has gained a reputation of at least "Accepted" with the Boomers. He resets just as the rest of the vendors, every Wednesday and Sunday.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

General Services Quests
Essential: noIcon cross
Companion: noIcon cross
Plays Caravan: noIcon cross
Merchant: yesIcon check
Repairman: noIcon cross
Doctor: noIcon cross
Rents bed/room: noIcon cross
Starts quests: noIcon cross
Involved in quests: noIcon cross


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Boomer flightsuit
Stormchaser hat
Grenade rifle - -


The Boomer munitions manager appears in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • He may never restock after the first time you purchase items from him. [platforms tag needed]
  • After you are accepted or higher, he will say you do not have permission. [platforms tag needed]

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