Bonus Damage

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Bonus Damage
Fallout Tactics
modifiesDamage applied to enemies
governed byrace
initial value0
related perksBonus Ranged Damage
Bonus HtH Damage
related traitsFinesse

The percentage of bonus your character does in all forms of combat.

— Fallout Tactics In-game description

Bonus Damage is a derived statistic in Fallout Tactics. It represents bonus damage done in all forms of combat. Bonus damage depends on race, traits and perks.

Fallout TacticsEdit

Super mutant characters have 6% bonus damage. Deathclaw characters have 3% bonus damage. Taking the Bonus Ranged Damage perk increases it by 15%, and Bonus HtH Damage increases it by 2 general points. The Kamikaze Trait raises it by 25%, and the Finesse trait decreases it by 30%.

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