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Bobrov's best moonshine is an alcoholic beverage featured in Fallout 4.


It is a bottle of moonshine, distilled at the Dugout Inn in Diamond City, owned by the Bobrov brothers Vadim and Yefim. The beverage is contained in an old Rooster's Rum bottle, which now sports a taped-on label with "Bobrov's Best Moonshine" written in black marker.

Its effects are similar to the cold variant of Gwinnett beers, granting buffs to both Charisma and Strength at the cost of Intelligence, and heals 25 HP.


  • 3 bottles can be found at an unmarked Minutemen location just south-east of Somerville Place in the middle of the swamp, the sniper's hideout.
  • 2 bottles can be found at Libertalia: one in the Captain's Cabin, and another just outside the lower entrance near a mattress.
  • 1 bottle can be found at the second floor of the diner in Natick Banks.
  • 1 bottle can be found on the first floor of a house west of Cambridge crater, where a raider is residing.
  • Bought from Vadim Bobrov.
  • Can be found as a random item in some loot sources.
  • Can be bought from player owned settlements that have a Food & Drink shop set up.

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