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The Bobbi's place terminal entries are a series of entries found on one advanced locked terminal at Bobbi's place in Fallout 4.

Bobbi's terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

Welcome USER: Bobbi_N_Nose

Recon NotesEdit



I fnally got my hands on a map of underground Boston! I know planting one of my men at the Mass State House would pay off.

As expected, the Raiders there weren't hard to work. Those idiots can't even read! They kidnapped some luckless scavenger to read through what they find, looking for some big treasure in there. The fools don't know the importance of what they are holding!

That's the problem with Raiders. They think too small.

The MapEdit


So, here's what I know:

The map was drawn under orders of some city planner at the State House, a Sebastian Mullins. And right before bomb day! Looks like the city was planning on expanding the subway system, but the big kaboom ended that. At least somebody'll be able to make use of it.

The map shows a subway tunnel not too far from my own basement here in Goodneighbor! And from there, a network of underground utility areas that lead right to that bastard's strongroom. All I have to do is dig through and I'm in like Flynn!



Hancock had a word with me today. Said he was worried about me hiring up. That he suspects I'm up to something.

I told him I'm always up to something. Told him to get out until he has news for me.

I am so sick of Hancock and his dumb smug mug. The second anybody else gets any power around these parts, he comes in and squashes it.

He thinks everyone who has the privilege of living in this dump owes him everything.

He's wrong. He owes me for the time I wasted here. I'm gonna be somebody. I'll show him.

> Safe ControlEdit


Safe Lock Mechanism Status: LOCKED/UNLOCKED

Disengage LockEdit


...Checking Clearance..........
...Locking Mechanism Disable..

Engage LockEdit


...Checking Clearance..........
...Locking Mechanism Enable...

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