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    So yeah, this is gonna explain some of the happenings building up to my departure and the time between that, and what's happening now.

    Firstly, yeah, I did leave back in March. And I'm gonna explain why in this. I was contemplating it for a couple of months beforehand actually, and then it built up, and then I left like I did. It was a mix of interactions with other users and all that, you probably know all this, but I'm gonna recap it and go into how it was from my own perspective. The main things were all of the drama and that, as well as the debate around the content I was putting up. Of course, I don't mind people questioning my content, being constructive, all of that, but some people on this subject were just nothing short of cooperat…

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    Energy X

    Hullo there, mistah. I heard there is going to be a battle! It would suck not to watch it!

    Aren't you young to be here, little boy?

    Nah, my uncle is there, at the arena. This is going to be awesome! As much awesome as the fight of the Mechanist and the AntAgonizer!

    Right... and I am a flying torch. Kids these days... anyway, what do you think of these challengers?

    I read one of the amazing pre-War comic books. I can say both of them look like super heroes. That brain bot looks like the Steel Man! As for the mutie, he might be someone called "Holg" or somesuch. I am certain that mutie has the advantage.

    That is all for this week folks. Who will be named Emperor America? Find out next week!

    Hm, mistah, do you think I can impress a certain acquaint…

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    Hey folks, it's been a minute. As you've noticed I've been absent for the past month or so. Some of you know, I've been preparing for my non-profit foundation's trip to Guatemala August the 1st. Our foundation, founded by my Uncle, focuses on connecting the world through art. We are going with an aid group and some doctors and teachers. It's looking to be a rewarding experience. There's still tons to do though.

    I just realized that last week it's been 3 years since I've joined this site. So many ups and downs but it was a lot of fun. I am going to be back in full swing around the 20th of August. After I return from Guatemala I'm going to Las Vegas for a couple of days! I haven't been in about 13 years, but I thought I'd take this opportunit…

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    Fallout 4

    July 20, 2014 by Cookcook

    What will it take to render information about fallout 4?

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    Agent c

    Welcome to the Nukapedia News digest. Now at all good airport bookstores… if you find one, let me know.

    In your edition this week

    Its that man Avellone again in a 2 frame, care to cap?

    In other news, Jasper has proposed a change of real world people's infoboxes. You can read about the request and vote on it here.

    | }}}}

    Thanks for joining us, unless there’s a major event no news next week as I’m on break. Hopefully the week after, Jet Lag Depending.
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    Saturday Polls - 37

    July 19, 2014 by BrandonFox

    Now that it’s raining more than ever, I told you I’ll be here forever and that we’ll still have each other. Don’t worry, you can stand under the Saturday Polls’ umbrella-ella-ella. Eh eh eh. Eh? Nevermind.

    |content2= |content3= |content4= |content5= |content6= }}

    Woo, I managed to get a part-time job for the Summer so I can earn money. It’ll be in a shoe shop though so I may have to touch people’s feet. Not so bad if it’s attractive women, but if it’s old people and children? Yeech. I’m also on the second book now of the Song of Ice and Fire series. Did you know that the Lord Commander’s raven talks in the books? Why doesn’t it in the show! Anyway, here’s a picture of Patchface who never made it into the TV adaptation.

    Question #1 I asked You'…

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    Peace'n Hugs

    Hide and Seek with Helena is a weekly blog, starting on Thursdays, where everyone can guess where Helena has been this week.

    Welcome again everyone to a new epdisode of Hide and Seek with Helena! While everything lately in the news has been really bad news, I hope I can make you forget about the bad side of the world and entertain you with our weekly game! :)

    About the polls: I don't consider the outcome of these polls binding, but I'll see what they tell me about possible improvements for the blog and maybe also bring them to the next one.

    If there would be any more questions, concerns, problems, worries, remarks and/or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below or on my talk page, I'll be happy to answer them. I wish you the best …

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    For those who care I'm somewhat back. I grew up a little and kind of different than before. I'm not that annoying kid any more I also learnt a bit more of the internet world so I might be able to understand more things than before. I might be popping in and out in the wiki.

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    The Divide - 5

    July 16, 2014 by Tocinoman

    Guess who's back. Back again! The Divide is back. Tell a friend.

    Ahem. Excuse that cough. Here we are again. Almost a year has passed since the last Divide issue was released. It feels great to have it up and running once again.

    The last topic of debate was the setting of Fallout 4: New York vs. The Commonwealth.

    • Coming in third, but certainly not last, place is the New York vote, with 13 votes. Wonderful job, The Ever Ruler! Thanks for stepping up for two consecutive issues of the Divide.
    • Narrowly defeating New York and coming in second place was the undecided vote, with 15 total votes. This was the vote for the users who believe the game will be set elsewhere or couldn't choose a side!
    • Taking first place by a landslide with 34 out of 62 vote…

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    Energy X

    Greetings! As the commentator mentioned, I am Moira Brown of Craterside Supply. I'm an inventor, master researcher, book writer, trader and so much more!

    Wait... are you the co-writer of Wasteland Survival Guide? You don't seem to be qualified to have done all that research...

    Oh, no, no, no! I am a writer, but I had a kid from a vault to do the research. I gave the kid a reinforced vault suit and the kid took off into the world. Haven't seem him in a long time. Or was it her?

    You do know that such books exist? Here, I even got a copy of the Scout Handbook, which lists pretty much the same info.

    Well, that book is outdated, written before the War. Besides, I am certain the kid had a lot of fun researching the info. I mean, who wouldn't want ad…

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