• Richie9999

    Howdy folks, how's tricks? I'm back with another movie review.

    Watched Hell or High Water a couple nights ago. Good cast, great score, great story, a wonderful modern western. You should watch it, Only Assholes Drink Mr. Pibb/10.

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  • NomadMC

    Fallout Friday Polls are in!

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    AUG 11, 2017 - AUG 18, 2017

    • A woman is killed after a man drives his vehicle through protesters during a clash in Charlottesville, Virginia, between white supremacists and various opposing groups; in response, anti-Confederacy groups have begun a large push to remove or tear down Confederate symbols. Trump notes that he is sad to see the monuments being torn down, as "a great country should learn from its history and correct its flaws" rather than "forgetting its history". Republican-Democrat tensions are high as expected.
    • An ISIS terrorist drives his van through a crowd of pedestrians in Barcelona, Spain, killing 13 and injuring at l…

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  • Leea

    You might hear an advertisement for something, and you'll think, "Huh, great idea!" which was what I thought when I heard (the first time, at least) about the GMF...which stands for Gulfport Music Festival. Its been around for a while, at least to my knowledge. After the 20th advertisement, I began to get irritated at the comercials, and now, after what seems to be the 500th, I'm utterly tired of hearing about the damned thing. I don't want to hear about it anymore. Enough! And worse is that I won't get rest from the blasted comercials yet: the festival takes place on the first weekend in October. I still have another month and a half to hear about it! Arghh!

    In the movie The Wizard of Oz had ruby slippers that Dorothy clacks together. Howeve…

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  • Quarterman812

    Fallout GOTY entry.

    August 17, 2017 by Quarterman812
    • picture of a mushroom cloud*

    The day the bombs fell, October 2077, everything changed. The world was drowned in nuclear fire, and blanketed with gamma radiation.

    • Raiders shooting at an unknown man*

    Anarchy ruled the Earth. Everyday became a struggle for survival, fighting a world that was against humanity littered with mutants and ghouls. Except, for one place an island lost to time a utopia untouched by fire and free from radiation. Order reigned this island. No crimes ever committed, a true utopia. Sadly, this utopia wouldn't last long.

    • picture of a light house*

    Then one day one person changed the island. They committed a murder

    • body splayed on the ground in a pool of blood*

    They were sent away from their home never to come back, or so they th…

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  • Sakaratte

    In short mini-modding is a declaration that something is, or is not within the rules. Key phrases that indicate someone is mini-modding include:

    • "This is"
    • "You shouldn't be doing"
    • I am

    This can also extend to certain actions, like trying to tease information out of individuals of wrong doing.

    There is a miryad of issues than come from these actions:

    1. The mini-modder is told it is not their place to call:
      • This can lead to arguments and fights
    2. Moderators overule the statement:
      1. The mini-modder is left looking rather sheepish.
      2. Two sides form in argument, leading to topic derailment.
    3. The mini-modder ends up breaking the rules:
      • This is particularly likely in a situation when ToU or COPPA is involved. People have been blocked for breaking these rules trying t…

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  • Hauganz

    How Gunz

    August 12, 2017 by Hauganz

    This is all a mess, isn't it? The "how hate" is at an all time high, and maybe rightfully so. I feel like 25 % of all posts are affiliated with me. That isn't right.

    That is why I'm disbanding How Gunz and everything connected to it. It is creating more issues than it should. A group of people on the wiki shouldn't exist like the How Gunz group existed. It was essentially a faction.

    From the point when How Gunz was created and up until the start of 2017, it worked great. It managed to bind the community together with stories and humour. People enjoyed it. I enjoyed it.

    I wanted that back. That was partially why I restarted it this summer. But evidently it didn't work. How Gunz has lost its charm, or rather, I have lost my charm. The "time of …

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  • NomadMC

    Fallout Friday Polls are here!

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    AUG 4, 2017 - AUG 11, 2017

    • Tensions heat up between the U.S. and North Korea; NK stated it was interested in nuking Guam (a US territory). Trump responded that if NK continued its threats and made them real, the US would send "fire and fury, the likes of which the world has never seen before".

    • TBD

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  • Leea

    I've been ... uh ... "dissasembling" pomagranates the last couple of days, and I'll tell you, if you don't know how to do it, it can be a pain in the ass. The rind is tough, and you need to be carefull not to cut yourself or gouge the table with the knife when you cut them open. Worse, looking up on the internet will grant you five dozen and one ways of disecting the fruit, and that may or may not acutally work for you. I found the easiest way was to slice off the bottom and top, then cut a sliver in the remaining rind and then it just cracks open like a watermelon. I also found out that pomagranate juice has the unfortunate side effect of staining your shirt (if its not grey) and your fingers a weird grey-purple.

    I read somewhere that Chin…

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  • Agent c

    Some interesting announcements have hit our press release inbox this week. Lets take a look at them - Fallout Game of the year, a new Dishonored game, and a Sitcom from Wolfenstein 2...

    Return to the Wasteland on September 26 with Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition. With all the latest gameplay updates (including Survival mode), graphical enhancements, the ability to play Mods for free on PC and consoles, plus all official add-ons included, this is the ultimate way to experience the award-winning post-nuclear adventure from Bethesda Game Studios.

    Winner of more than 200 “Best Of” awards – including the 2016 BAFTA and 2016 D.I.C.E. Game of the Year – Fallout 4 is the studio’s most ambitious game yet. As the sole survivor of Vault 111, playe…

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  • PipBoyofSteel155
    • A TV Flickers on, skipping through a documentary of the natural resource crisis, the impending conflict in the middle east, and the then-recent effect of The New Plague
    • It flickers once more, now showing the iconic Indian-Head Test Pattern and its accompanied "PLEASE STAND BY" message. "We'll Meet Again" performed by the Ink Spots plays in the background.

    Footage of the Resource Wars and the Alaska invasion plays in the background. Ron Perlman fills us in:

    "War... War Never Changes..."

    "When the spark of nuclear detonation set off a cascade of world-changing events, society as it was once known, was all but erased. The culmination of rising resentment between the human race led to the Earth’s undoing - its ultimate annihilation. But, despite…

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