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    Peace'n Hugs

    Hey everyone, the blog will be delayed. Helena and Erika are taking a day off so I can't bring you the blog yet today, but it should be up tomorow. greets!

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    August 26, 2014 by The-Gunslinger

    Hey y'all, your friendly neighborhood Gunslinger here. As many of you know i have been talking about leaving Nukapedia soon and yes it is true. The fire I had for this place isn't there anymore, but many other reasons factor in as well. Many of you know I have a child on the way. My first daughter. On top of this I also have my own automotive shop and new house I am moving into next week.

    With all this I feel it is time to say "Good-bye" to you all. I have had fun here, making friends, helping with pages, all that stuff. I had fun as a moderator.

    The fire that burned for this place from me has now gone out, mainly due to home life. I loved giving advice and telling stories here.

    Anyways, you all should start getting along instead of fighting…

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    Energy X

    Why we be needing anover guest? We and I be able to be doing de show on our own

    As much as your wisdom is more-or-less appreciated, Master Sulik, I cannot disobey Ashur's will. But, anyway, let's greet Antony, from Caesar's Legion!

    Dog fight? The Hangdogs tribe would bless both combatants before the fight. Arooo!

    We and I be checking de contract about dis. Dere isnt enough room for us too, never mind Mr Smells-like-dog

    So, Sulik, what do you think of dogs?

    Well, we and I once be putting together a bot we and I be finding, K9, belonged to some Doctor bloke. He be being pretty smart.... he be teaching me how to play fetch

    Cyberdogs? The Legion shall tame them one day. Just like we did with Lupa, and now she has more experience than any dog seen!


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    The Enclave General

    Fists of Rads is a class where the player uses their fists to attack an opponet normally using devices on their hand to make the damage bigger of Brass knuckles to Power fist or even more destructive weapons like the ballistic fist

    These are some perks that you may wanna get to be the master of the Fists of Rads.

    Piercing Strike

    Paralyzing palm


    Super Slam!

    Unstoppable Force


    Here are some perks that you get with especific characters and not by level up.

    Ranger Takedown

    Legion Assault

    Scribe Counter

    Khan Trick

    Depends on what you want if you want the highiest DPS then go for Industrial hand but if you want the highiest damage then go for Ballistic fist and if you want one that is in betwen well there isn´t many options as must powerfull u…

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    Saturday Polls - 42

    August 22, 2014 by BrandonFox

    Welcome to the Saturday Polls. The only show which wouldn't catch a grenade for you, because that'd be stupid unless you're a silly 15 year old girl.

    Question #1 I asked How did you discover the Fallout series (your first game in the series)?

    • In third place with 26 votes was "I dunno, I just started playing it at some point". Your favourite games are like that.
    • In 2nd place with 42 votes was researching the game yourself and then trying it. I did that with Ride to Hell, I read it was so bad that I'm morbidly curious and want to try it myself.
    • And in 1st place with 81 votes was recommended by a friend. Get that person a fruit basket!

    Question #2 Leea asked Should some of the unmarked locations in Fallout: New Vegas have been marked, and vice versa?

    • The…

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    Peace'n Hugs

    Hide and Seek with Helena is a weekly blog, starting on Thursdays, where everyone can guess where Helena & Erika have been this week.

    Welcome again everyone to a new epdisode of Hide and Seek with Helena!

    If there would be any more questions, concerns, problems, worries, remarks and/or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below or on my talk page, I'll be happy to answer them. I wish you the best of luck and a lot of fun in finding where Helena is hanging out this week! If snails were birds, would they be able to fly?


    • Please guess only once a day on as many pictures as you like
    • Please don't forget to say in your post which picture(s) you are answering

    • Thursday(I): Lolzarz recognized Las Vegas Boulevard Station correctly, winning…

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    Hey everyone, TwoBears here. I'm back from my travels.

    So the folks over at the Recipes Wiki are currently holding round one of their Fantasy foods tournament. Currently Nuka-Cola and Sugar Bombs are in the running. Nuka-Cola is only one vote behind the leader. We can't let it lose! Go and cast your vote, get it to move on to round two. Round One Ends August 25th.

    Vote HERE

    Stay Classy --TwoBearsHigh-Fiving (Talk) 20:59, August 20, 2014 (UTC)

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    Energy X

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    The Enclave General

    hello fellow wikians and other internet users this is my blog about the "classes" of New this blog i will show you how to create an specific class because as we know FO:NV you can be pretty much everything you want but there are people that want to play in a specific way and to those who don´t know much or want a suggestion of what to be here are the basics and after that you can see the basics of how create an class and the links to the other blogs of this series

    there are some rules to make the making of your class better and to the gameplay to be easier and here they are

    • always put Intelligence in 10
    this will make you have more skill points and be able to get perks that will help you get more XP and skill points
    • never take too muc…

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    Agent c

    News Digest - 16 Aug 2014

    August 16, 2014 by Agent c

    Welcome to the Nukapedia News Digest…. Live and direct from the planet Ork.

    In your edition this week


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