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    Going dark for a bit

    July 27, 2014 by JASPER42

    Yo, I recently moved in to a new house, but it has no internet right now so I will be unreachable for a short time. I can go in to uni every now and then and use their internet, but don't expect any speedy replies. I should only be gone for like a week, so don't worry too much.

    13:52, July 27, 2014 (UTC)

    Turns out no. I was preparing for the worst as I assumed we needed to get stuff installed for it to work, but as it turns out the previous tenants already did that so looks like I'm not going anywhere.

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    Energy X

    How may I assist you, good sir?

    My, such fine behavior. Oh yes, what are the specialties your cooking team can make?

    Only the sweetest, most delicious and finest food you can find. We even have a new specialty; we still discuss about the name, but one can find its taste very interesting.

    Is that so? What are the ingredients?

    As much as we want to share the luxury, this is a secret recipe. I can say that the major ingredient is among us, and it is not air.

    That sounds a bit suspicious. Well, can you tell us whom do you support in this match?

    As barbaric as a fight can get, I must give my support to that mutant. He uses deluxe magic, which is looked favourably in our fine establishment. Sir Arch Dornan may find its defeat a too hard to accomplish.…

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    As some of you are already aware of, Wikia has recently introduced a new feature which allows its users to create interactive images, by utilizing default templates already provided to wikis, or by uploading new template images you might have tucked away in the depths of your computer. What is the benefit of using this feature over image mapping? Image mapping requires its creator to discern very specific coordinates for wherever they want a redirect, making image mapping a very tedious process that gets more and more complicated for large images. With the new interactive map feature we have, the process has been simplified to the point where you simply drag a waypoint onto the image, and add in as much text, map icons, and redirects as yo…

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    Saturday Polls - 38

    July 26, 2014 by BrandonFox

    Out now: The second season of the Saturday Polls on DVD! Includes a making of documentary and optional commentary by Samuel L. Jackson.

    |content2= |content3= |content4= |content5= |content6= }}

    Question #1 What would you do in the Giant Radroach scenario?

    • In third place with 19 votes, would be to go and hide somewhere. No one is safe! The age of humans has ended!
    • In 2nd place with 38 votes would be to welcome our new Radroach overlords. They accept your hospitality...
    • In first place with 119 votes would be to go get your shotgun and fight them! ...what good it would do anyway.

    Question #2 I asked Which of these side-quests do you like the sound of?.

    • In third place with 20 votes was taking a rocket to the moon and finding pre-war colonists! I wonder…

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    Peace'n Hugs

    Hide and Seek with Helena is a weekly blog, starting on Thursdays, where everyone can guess where Helena has been this week.

    Welcome again everyone to a new epdisode of Hide and Seek with Helena! Last week, every picture was guessed by FallenHunter1996, anyone wants to stop his winning streak? Or will FallenHunter1996 the scenario of last week? Anyway, congratulations to FallenHunter1996 for this performance last week, I verified with MountHail, and this is the first time in the history of this blog that this happened.

    If there would be any more questions, concerns, problems, worries, remarks and/or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below or on my talk page, I'll be happy to answer them. I wish you the best of luck and a lot of …

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    I have only made edits to two things so far. One to "Blast Off Pajamas" and the other to "Vertibird". I tried making an edit to Jakob Stalnaker, the one who voiced some kids, like Mayor MacCready but getting a picture for him didn't work out very well.



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    So yeah, this is gonna explain some of the happenings building up to my departure and the time between that, and what's happening now.

    Firstly, yeah, I did leave back in March. And I'm gonna explain why in this. I was contemplating it for a couple of months beforehand actually, and then it built up, and then I left like I did. It was a mix of interactions with other users and all that, you probably know all this, but I'm gonna recap it and go into how it was from my own perspective. The main things were all of the drama and that, as well as the debate around the content I was putting up. Of course, I don't mind people questioning my content, being constructive, all of that, but some people on this subject were just nothing short of cooperat…

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    Energy X

    Hullo there, mistah. I heard there is going to be a battle! It would suck not to watch it!

    Aren't you young to be here, little boy?

    Nah, my uncle is there, at the arena. This is going to be awesome! As much awesome as the fight of the Mechanist and the AntAgonizer!

    Right... and I am a flying torch. Kids these days... anyway, what do you think of these challengers?

    I read one of the amazing pre-War comic books. I can say both of them look like super heroes. That brain bot looks like the Steel Man! As for the mutie, he might be someone called "Holg" or somesuch. I am certain that mutie has the advantage.

    That is all for this week folks. Who will be named Emperor America? Find out next week!

    Hm, mistah, do you think I can impress a certain acquaint…

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    Hey folks, it's been a minute. As you've noticed I've been absent for the past month or so. Some of you know, I've been preparing for my non-profit foundation's trip to Guatemala August the 1st. Our foundation, founded by my Uncle, focuses on connecting the world through art. We are going with an aid group and some doctors and teachers. It's looking to be a rewarding experience. There's still tons to do though.

    I just realized that last week it's been 3 years since I've joined this site. So many ups and downs but it was a lot of fun. I am going to be back in full swing around the 20th of August. After I return from Guatemala I'm going to Las Vegas for a couple of days! I haven't been in about 13 years, but I thought I'd take this opportunit…

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    Fallout 4

    July 20, 2014 by Cookcook

    What will it take to render information about fallout 4?

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