• Janaschi

    SNM Sentinel - 1/19/2019

    January 19, 2019 by Janaschi


    Interested in joining the wider SNM community? Look no further, fellow Patrons.

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    The SNM provides its very own Twitter account, for those Patrons interested in keeping in touch with us, and exchanging news that may or may not necessarily make it onto the Sentinel. Give us a Tweet sometime!

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    SNM News:

    Hello fellow Patrons, and welcome to this week's edition of the Strategic Nuclear Moose (SNM) Sentinel, a Nukapedia Wiki News Digest (WND).

    The SNM sentinel will be releasing every Friday from this day onward, and will be covering everything from wiki-related news, geek culture, and community content established to help incentivize our incredibly hard working and devout editors, who certainly deserve a bit of rec…

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  • NomadicNom

    Fallout Friday Polls are here! Be sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

    A quick shout-out to the folks who make the Trending Today series on /d. You can find their latest edition, as of this post, here:

    In future weeks, I'll be adding TT to the list of links down below.

    Oh, and also, there's that Fandom reminder on top of our pages now.

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  • Leea

    On Monday, I had went to try to schedule a dentist appointment (which ended up being for Tuesday) because I cracked off the back of a molar (the last one I had on my left side) while eating on Sunday and it was totally unexpected and I go in Tuesday for the one I arranged and I find out there's an abscess under the tooth itself that I don't feel any pain at all with it and now I've got to take huge antibiotic pills every 6 hours for 8 days to kill the bacteria there and they won't be able to save the tooth at all when I go back and now I won't have any molars on that side. The reason I don't have any left on the bottom on the left side of my jaw is because a jackass dentist thought he'd "fix" my teeth there when there wasn't anything to fi…

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  • FDekker

    The following story was recovered from The Gunny's sandbox pages and is kept here for archival purposes.

    Let's say your average 13 year old just got Fallout 3 on the most recent Steam sale. His name is Jose. He lives in a lovely little hamlet in the south of Spain. His mother, let's call her Gisele, makes him eat his vegetables and only allows him to play his XBox on weekends after his homework is done. She's a good mom. Jose has never played a Fallout game before and he has never used a wiki to learn more about a game. Jose picks up the 10mm pistol in Vault 101. He yearns to learn more about this pistol. Is it good? Should I keep it? Are there better weapons I'll soon see? How much is it worth? Should I sell it for caps? His friend, Albert, who…

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  • NomadicNom

    Fallout Friday Polls are in! Be sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

    This winter, we haven't had a single snowflake yet, even though we had a very rainy year, which is odd for Texas. The rain part, not the snow.

    Today's random language word: Japanese has the term 積ん読, tsundoku, meaning to collect reading materials (typically those used for learning about a given topic) and then let the books lie around without reading them.

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  • Kid Danger (Henry Danger)

    I have an Question about Fallout 4 there this quest i can do on Vault 88 called Overseer's Most Wanted where i tracked all of my companions & how can i get Porter Gage to live in Vault 88 & when i try to dismiss him to Vault 88 & he would go back to Nuka World. can someone help me out on this

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  • Leea

    How does one live with such sadness? Why can't I find anyone who treats me well, instead of an afterthought? Who doesn't always choose his friends or work instead...and all the time? Am I looking for the impossible? Does a nice Indian guy exist out there that will treat me as I deserve to be treated? I think I am doomed; that God doesn't care and I am doomed. This blackness of despair shrouds my life and I see no ending. I thought I would have found happiness by now, but all i get is more and more pain...and I know God's up there, laughing at me. I don't think that He cares, even though scriptures and scriptures claims He does. Though maybe He just doesn't care about me. I see no light in my tunnel of blackness.

    An old heartburn "remedy" is…

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  • LoneGunMenWander

    Not active

    January 9, 2019 by LoneGunMenWander

    I'm not active here any more so I guess you can say I'm dead =P

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  • FDekker

    Fallout 76 data dumps

    January 9, 2019 by FDekker

    I have created a bunch of Fallout 76 data dumps which may make it easier to find information for editors who play on console or do not own the game. The data dumps are available on GitHub. There are over a dozen dumps on there, including an exhaustive list of the game's ref IDs and a dump with all information on all the quests.

    The dumps come in two formats, indicated by the file extension; either CSV or JSON.

    CSV is exactly like a simple spreadsheet and can be opened by any spreadsheet editor (such as Microsoft Excel) or just any text editor (such as Notepad++). It's also possible to import a CSV into a simple relational database (such as SQLite) to make it easier to search through. Because of their simple structure, there's a lot of informat…

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  • Jgrsoto

    Books and Us (part 1)

    January 6, 2019 by Jgrsoto

    Hello, fellow internet users. I finished a book yesterday called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I thought that it was funny and at times intriguing. It always kept me engaged. If you've read this book I'd like to hear your thoughts on it. I'm now reading some Sun Tzu.

    Are you reading a book? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments.

    The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I grants autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the ongoing schism within Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

    I hope you had a good day, Jgrsoto 22:40, January 6, 2019 (UTC)

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