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  • Ausir

    Wiki news digest 2011-01

    January 3, 2011 by Ausir

    It's time for this year's first wiki news digest!

    • Hal10k has requested administrator rights - you have 1 day left to vote!
    • Join the discussion on a new comment policy.
    • After a community vote, some new features have been disabled - image attribution, related pages and category galleries.

    Fallout: New Vegas has won Wikia's Game of the Year vote, and despite being just released, the Dead Money addon was #8! Here's the top 10:

    1. Fallout: New Vegas
    2. Call of Duty: Black Ops
    3. Mass Effect 2
    4. Red Dead Redemption
    5. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
    6. Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
    7. Starcraft II
    8. Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money
    9. BioShock 2
    10. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    While not strictly Fallout-related, the Earthrise Wiki is asking for questions for its community interview with developer Masthead Studios, which is also co-developing Fallout Online. Earthrise is an upcoming post-apocalyptic sci-fi MMORPG.

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  • Ausir

    And now some shameless self-promotion. :) I've recently been interviewed about The Vault and myself in general by two websites.

    The first is, a major Australian news site. Here's a snippet:

    And the other one is Duck and Cover, Fallout fansite and our original host:

    Also, don't forget to read my personal appeal! :)

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  • Ausir

    Wikia's Game of the Year vote

    December 15, 2010 by Ausir

    You can vote for your favorite game of the year in Wikia's Top Games of 2010 poll. It doesn't have to be Fallout: New Vegas, of course - there have been quite a few excellent games released this year. If your favorite game is not on the list yet, you can simply add it.

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  • Ausir

    Wiki news digest 14-2010

    December 4, 2010 by Ausir

    There hasn't been any actual Fallout related news in the last week or so. But here's another summary of what's going on at The Vault and Wikia in general, including news on recent updates and useful tools.

    Gothemasticator has drafted a new, detailed Notable bugs policy. After overwhelming support in a poll, it has been adapted as our new official policy.

    Porter21 has created a script that adds easily accessible links to advanced wiki tools to the bottom toolbar in the new Wikia skin. If you are an advanced user, you might find it helpful. You can see a screenshot of it here.

    If you are interested, add the following to Special:MyPage/wikia.js:

    If you run into bugs when using it, please report them in our forum. The script also supports multiple languages - if you would like to help out with translating, please check the "OasisToolbarButtons" page on dev.wikia or contact Porter21.

    Here are some of the latest updates to the site made by Porter21:

    • Different look for forum index pages to compens…

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  • Ausir

    Here are the lucky winners of our latest giveaway. The prizes are copies of the post-apocalyptic board game Neuroshima Hex! for you, courtesy of Z-Man Games:

    • BoS Scribe
    • Ichris26
    • Shadowrunner56

    We'll contact you with details via e-mail. Even if you haven't won, I fully recommend the game to all Fallout fans. Aside from the traditional board game version, an iPhone version has also recently been released.

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  • Ausir

    When Fallout: New Vegas was released on October 19th, we figured we'd get some serious spikes in visitors to The Vault. But our jaws dropped when during release week, we saw traffic shoot up to 2.5 million visitors in one week - essentially 7 times the normal amount. More importantly:

    • Over 1,200 pages on New Vegas were created
    • 9,000 images uploaded
    • 165 videos added
    • 4,000 links shared
    • Reached a total of 10,500 pages

    Over 475K man hours were spent reading and creating content about Fallout: New Vegas – the equivalent of 58 years!

    We have also shattered all the previous Wikia records in terms of daily traffic. The previous record, held by WoWWiki, was around 5 million daily page views, and for the last two weeks, we've been having more traffic than that - up to 8.8 million on Sunday, October 24.

    Congratulations to all of our contributors and keep up the great work!

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  • Ausir

    Now that our add-on pack giveaway is concluded, time for The Vault's another weekly giveaway contest! This time it's not strictly Fallout-related, as we have three copies of the acclaimed post-nuclear tactical board game Neuroshima Hex! for you, courtesy of Z-Man Games.

    Fun fact: aside from the post-apocalyptic theme and the armies being similar to some of the Fallout factions (e.g. Moloch/Calculator, Outpost/Brotherhood of Steel, Borgo/Master's Army and Hegemony/Raiders), there is also another small Fallout connection - at least one of the Fallout developers, Scott Everts, is a fan of the game and created reference cards for its armies that are included in Z-Man's American edition.

    Unfortunately, the contest is open only to residents of North America. Hopefully, we'll also have some future giveaways for our users from other countries in the future as well! You must also be a registered Wikia user with your e-mail address entered in your profile.

    To enter the contest, you need to either upload and …

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  • Ausir

    After a week and almost 300 entries (although not all of the wannabe participants seem to have read the rules), our Fallout: New Vegas add-on pack giveaway has come to an end. Here's the list of users who will receive the Classic Pack or Caravan Pack codes:

    • Alexandersig
    • Anale
    • Bondious
    • Shadowgate100
    • T-heye
    • The Emporer
    • Theatremse

    Expect them to arrive via e-mail shortly. Note that the codes might be restricted to certain regions, so if they don't work for the users mentioned above, we will draw new lucky winners.

    Also, if you didn't win, don't despair - stay tuned for yet another contest soon!

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  • Tezzla Cannon

    Here's another summary of what's going on at The Vault lately.

    • Gothemasticator will likely become The Vault's third bureaucrat tomorrow, due to the way the vote is going.
    • Porter21 is working on updates to the site layout according to a forum thread he created.
    • The following users have gained rollback rights recently: WorstUsernameEver, NetEcho, Glomulus, Deusira, Silverfox6000, Ishotamaninnewreno, Fallout3Maniac, Hal10k, JASPER42, Mictlanteculi, and Sheltim. If you think you're trusted enough to have them as well, tell us here!

    The Oasis skin is now the default, and Monaco will be permanently removed tomorrow, on November 3. The Vault has a petition for a wider version of Oasis. The Monobook skin will still be available.

    Wikia has made the connection speed faster.

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  • Ausir

    The Vault's last giveaway has just finished, so we have another one for you! This time the prizes are codes allowing you to download the Classic Pack pre-order bonus add-on for the PC or PS3 version and Caravan Pack for the 360 version of Fallout: New Vegas.

    The Classic Pack pack includes the following items, given to the Courier at the beginning of the game:

    • Armored Vault 13 jumpsuit
    • Weathered 10mm pistol
    • Vault 13 canteen
    • 5 stimpaks

    To enter the contest, you must be a registered Wikia user with your e-mail address entered in your profile, as well as upload and add at least one image to a Vault article that was previously missing an image or has an image of bad quality. For a list of articles in need of images, see here. This includes, of course, many newly added Fallout: New Vegas articles, so keep making good screenshots and adding them to the wiki!

    If you fulfill the above conditions, simply write a comment under this blog post (only one comment per user is allowed), specifying your platform of choice,…

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