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  • Agent c

    Hello America, This is your president, John Henry Eden. Seven Long years ago I made a promise to you dear, sweet, America, that I, and the Enclave would bring back our national pastime, Baseball, back to this country. Dear America, Today I am proud to to announce, that I, and the Enclave have succeeded in our promise to you. So without further ado, I present to you, in association with Galaxy Sports News, the 2288 World Series of Baseball!

    National League Semi Final 1 - The Capital City Congressmen vs The Lions of the Citadel
    From the Capital Wasteland
    The Capitol City Congressmen
    From the Capital Wasteland
    The Lions of the Citadel

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  • Leea

    A few years ago, I used to have a printer that took an hour to print pictures.

    I'm not kidding.

    It came from a friend (who was really dad's boss) who was replacing hers (no wonder!), but it still worked, so she had wanted to know if we wanted it. As we had a computer but no printer, we had accepted. Only then did we realize that the thing, for whatever reason, took an hour or more to print a 8x10 picture. On documents it would do okay, though sometimes it would get it in its electrical brain to take as long on documents as it did on pictures. If I had known that it would have been that way, I would have never told dad to go ahead and bring the behemoth home.

    You know where the word "eavesdropping" came from? Back in the Medieval ages, gossips stood under the eaves of houses to catch conversations of the dwelers' activities, so came the word because they were dropping in on the conversations under the eaves.

    Ever seen "poems" that didn't make any sense to you?

    • Third was not reading poetry. …

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  • Agent c

    Hello America, This is your president, John Henry Eden. Seven Long years ago I made a promise to you dear, sweet, America, that I, and the Enclave would bring back our national pastime, Baseball, back to this country. Dear America, Today I am proud to to announce, that I, and the Enclave have succeeded in our promise to you. So without further ado, I present to you, in association with Galaxy Sports News, the 2288 World Series of Baseball!

    American League, Round 4 - The Gecko Meltdowns vs The San Francisco Giants
    From Gecko
    The Meltdowns
    From San Francisco
    The Giants

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  • Leea

    Lately I've been wrting poetry. Before you leave saying I'm one of those hoity-toity art-folk type people, no I'm not. Never been. Sure, I have my prefered types of art, but I'm not one of those people who hang out in galleries contemplating art and its meaning.

    There have been some awful poems out there. Lots of them:

    • Don't make any sense

    And most importantly

    • Don't rhyme

    So then, what's the point? Isn't that what's supposed to be poetry in the first place? It rhymes, and just as important, makes sense? So the poetry I write makes sense and rhymes. Granted, its about stuff that generally isn't written about in poetry, like crappy music and branches falling down in windy weather (no joke), but at least the reader won't stare off into space trying to comprehend the meaning of it.

    Do you know that there are bugs that spend years as larvae before growing into an adult, then the adult form only lasts a month or so? The Cicada is one. It spends 7 years as a beetle-type entity burrowing in the dirt…

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  • BrandonFox

    Saturday Polls - 66

    April 16, 2016 by BrandonFox

    The light at the end of the Saturday Polls tunnel... has been turned off due to budget cuts.

    Disclaimer: The Weekly Saturday Poll is a poll (not a pole!) every Saturday asking the community what they think about the fallout series ranging from skills, guns, music and other paraphernalia. Have a suggestion for the next poll? Tell me on my talk page!

    |content2= |content3= |content4= |content5= |content6= }}

    Question #1 I asked In a future game, would you like the idea of you voicing the protagonist yourself at the start so they sound exactly like you with all their lines in the game?

    • In third place with 10 votes was I think it'd be cool, it might be interesting even if I lack some confidence to do it. I feel like I have a great sarcastic voice personally.
    • Coming in second is I feel no strong feelings one way or the other with 11 votes. Maybe I should have you guys deported to the Neutral Planet?
    • And in 1st place with 80 votes was um, I'd rather just stick to a professional voice actor. Like Nol…

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  • Leea

    I apologize for the lateness of this issue, but I've had a hard day so far, a bitch of a headache starting this morning, and a sad week.

    I was originally going to do something special for the 40th issue of the Polls under myself, but in light of my headache and sad couple of days this week, I'm going to postpone any "special issues" until the 50th issue. If you're wondering what happened: A couple days ago I found a dead kitten and a horribly injured kitten in a box of netting (the kind you use to protect trees from birds) where they had been born, as they had gotten their heads caught in the holes and the dead one was already cold and stiff, while the live one had rubbed all his skin off at the neck down to the muscles and it was infected there. I was able to get him cut free and treated his neck, at which he began to cry most pitifully. I couldn't take care of him (as I already have two cats and mom's dog would have torn him apart), so I left him in a box on a neighbor's doorstep.

    I h…

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  • Leea

    I've lost count of the "celebrity" (note quotation marks) TV shows (i.e., Dancing with the Stars), books, what have you that I've seen advertised and thought "Hey, I've never seen or heard of most of you before." Once in a blue moon do I see someone and think, "Oh, I think I've seen you before," but most of the time its anything but. How are they celebrities? Did they have a role as a pedestrian for 3 seconds in a movie and now they're suddenly "celebrities" and go on shows and get their own book deals and such?

    Did you know that cats sleep for 70% of their lifetime?

    Boy, do I believe that one. If you have cats, that's one of those facts that you don't dispute.

    So, ever seen a recipe that was disgusting to you?

    • Third was not paying attention to what you're eating. That's a good way to get fat. Or eat something nature did not design for humans to eat. ... Or did you pick that for a joke?
    • Second was all the time. I think chocolate-covered bacon is stupid. Granted, I'll never eat it (I'm a ve…

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  • Leea

    Ever seen a disgusting food combination? I'm sure you have. From Walendorf salad (look it up), to watermelon, feta and balsamic vinegar salad (ew), fresh fruit with fried salty food (blegh), to putting a slice of watermelon or cantaloupe in your burger (no kidding), I've seen some of the worst ideas for food. What's wrong with those people that made them? Were they dropped on their heads as kids?

    What about you? Have you ever seen a food idea that made your stomach turn?

    Did you know that there are about 1 million earthquakes a year around the globe? However, most of them are so mild that no one feels them. If you want that figure in "earthquakes per day" you're gonna have to do it yourself, because I hate math.

    So, what is it? Are they drunk, or is this "normal young man behaviour"?

    • Third was that it was. You wouldn't have happened to pick this answer because you also act this way, no?
    • Second was that they were (are) drunk. I also happen to know that they do drugs, as well. Thing is, I don'…

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  • Leea

    I've been having a dilemma, and I'd like your help with it, if possible.

    I live next to some neighbors that have ... shall we say ... "vocal problems." Its not that they can't talk, but rather the opposite. They yell at the top of their lungs all of the time, big gutural roars, and talking as loud as possible when not yelling. Is this normal behaviour for young men? They're my age (26), and they roar and yell like they're being murdered. I've never done this, so I have to ask you guys in my audience, "Is this normal? Or are they just drunk?"

    You know that the American penny actually has almost no copper? It used to have more, but over the years they left out more and more of the mineral to the point that now it is mostly zinc and aluminum.

    Do you think that there are seasons of the year that pass by too quickly?

    • Third was not noticing. Hey, do you have your head stuck in your cell phone? On Facebook or Twitter too much? Get outiside and notice the seasons already!
    • Second was a tie between …

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  • Leea

    I think Spring seems too short, you know? It always seems to me that Spring doesn't last quite as long as it should, and that Summer lasts way too long. Though maybe that's just because you suffer more in the Summer because its hot, and that Spring is (for the most part) is of a nice temperature like Fall, so it seems to pass by quicker. Right? I mean, when has it ever seemed like the painful moments passed by too quick? Unless you're masochistic, where you love pain and suffering on yourself, nobody likes pain, so that's no doubt why nice-temperature seasons seem to pass by too quickly, and that they should stay around longer.

    Know where the word "fiasco" came from? Its actually an Itallian word for a small glass flask. How it came to mean what it means now is beyond me, though.

    Ever insist that you've done something, and your parents (or boss, etc.) swears you didn't, but you know otherwise?

    • Third was all the time. Dad says over and over that I don't wash the dishes properly, and that …

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