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  • NomadMC

    Fallout Friday Polls are in!

    Remember - anyone can leave a comment, even you anonymous users out there! Make sure to answer all polls and comment!

    My apologies if the polls are poorly written or are bland questions. I've got a bit of a cold right now, so I'm probably not thinking straight while writing this.

    MAY 19, 2017 - MAY 26, 2017

    • Politics

    A terrorist detonates a bomb at an Arianda Grande concert in Britain, killing 22 other people and himself.

    • In Memorium

    Roger Moore, best known for his role as James Bond in seven 007 films, died at 89.

    • Nukapedia Members

    Sakaratte turns 30! Happy Birthday!

    • TBD

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  • Leea

    I get most of my clothes from either sales (like really a sale) or thrift shops. Before you start thinking that I walk around in ragged knock-offs, let me tell you that you can get some really nice things at Goodwill, for instance. I got a coat worth 300 dollars once...for only 3 bucks, and commonly get forty-fifty dollar clothes for 5 to 6 bucks. I am not ashamed to say this. I think it should be worth boasting that you saved money. No?

    The first microwave oven, which appeared in 1947, was almost 6 ft tall, weighed a third of a ton, and cost $5,000.

    Not exactly consumer-friendy.

    How do you eat cucumbers?

    • Third was raw. Dad thinks I'm nuts, but the saying "cool as a cucumber" is true: they're quite cooling and refreshing...without condiments.
    • Second was pickled. Mushy pickles: blegh. Firm, crunchy pickles? Yum.
    • And first was you don't eat them at all. You're missing out. You should try them sometime.

    Should there be another children-only city, like Little Lamplight, in another game?

    • Third was i…

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  • NomadMC

    Fallout Friday Polls are in!

    Remember - anyone can leave a comment, even you anonymous users out there! Make sure to answer all polls and comment!

    This week's polls mark half a year of FF Polls... but, still not that long, considering that Leea's getting up to a hundred.

    MAY 12, 2017 - MAY 19, 2017

    • Politics

    Trump prepares for a trip to the Middle East, the first major international trip since taking office.

    • In Memorium

    Roger Ailes, a founder of Fox News, died at 77.

    • How often do you reload during your first playthrough of a Fallout game?
      • Third place was only if you were stuck.
      • Second answer was as often as normal.
      • Top result was if you did something that ruined the karma or faction rep you wanted to keep.
    • Did you switch sides during your first playthrough of FNV?
      • Third answer was that you switched sides constantly.
      • Second place was that you switched factions after finding your side wasn't as good as it had seemed.
      • First place was that you stayed on the same side.
    • Did you switch sides during your firs…

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  • Leea

    I like cucumbers without condiments. This means no pepper, no salt, no dressings of any kind. Not to say I don't like cucumber pickles (I love them, actually), but I can't stand eating fresh cucumbers with added spices or condiments. Dad says I'm weird, but he's one to talk: he eats cucumber pickles with peanut butter. Pot calling the kettle black.

    In 1972, in Jackson, Mississippi, police flagged down a car that was zigzagging randomly through traffic lanes and discovered that the driver was blind. He was being directed by a friend in the passenger seat who said he was too drunk to drive himself.

    Its one of those things where you have very little to say, but just shake your head or roll your eyes.

    How do you deal with a barking dog?

    • Third was a tie between comment and you don't have a dog. Cats are so much more quieter (generally speaking).
    • Second was you try to ignore it. Dad jams in earplugs. Myself, I could never stand having something jammed into my ears. The feeling bugs me.
    • And first wa…

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  • NomadMC

    Fallout Friday Polls are in!

    Remember - anyone can leave a comment, even you anonymous users out there! Make sure to answer all polls and comment!

    MAY 5, 2017 - MAY 12, 2017

    • Amidst the FBI investigation of supposed Russian interference in the 2016 election, President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey.

    • How did you first encounter Tenpenny in FO3?
      • Third place was tied with fourth for "finding it on Nukapedia and walking there" and "while looking for YGSEITH quest keys".
      • Second place was during the Power of the Atom quest.
      • Top answer was that you found it by accident, walking around the Wasteland.
    • Did FO4 have too many teddy bears... "having fun" around the map?
      • Third place was no, that you actually liked those Easter eggs.
      • Second place was that you didn't care.
      • First place was no, that more Easter eggs are always better, even if they're a bit weird.
    • How much do you use Nukapedia during your first playthrough of a Fallout game?
      • Third answer was that you ignored it aa much as possible during the fi…

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  • Leea

    When the dog starts barking, she doesn't quit. It doesn't matter if you say "Be quiet!", yell "Be quiet!", plead, offer her cookies, threaten her with a stick, or yell your head off ("Enough! Be quiet!!!"): she keeps on barking at nothing. I know its nothing, because I go out and check. Only a roaring, full-throated, frustration-induced "Shut the hell up!" gets her to quit. Mom tells me to stop yelling like that - "The neighbors can hear you!" she says - but I could care less what the neighbors think of me. I just want quiet.

    When the volcano on Krakatoa Island erupted, the sound of the emormous explosion was heard on Rodriguez Island in the Pacific 3,000 miles away.


    I can only imagine how it sounded on Krakatoa...

    Do you keep a journal/diary?

    • Third was comment. I never had to do journals for a school activity. Most likely because I was schooled at home.
    • Second was you don't have time for such a thing. With everything else there is to do in the world, why bother with laying down your t…

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  • BrandonFox

    Welcome to another edition of the "weekly" Caption Contest! More silly images and captions to vote for than you can shake a sweaty mouse and keyboard at.

    Good job Agent c, you are now a bona fide art critic!

    "Damn, that Far Harbour fog is making me see some trippy shit."

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  • NomadMC

    Fallout Friday Polls are in!

    Make sure to answer each poll and leave a comment! More polls every week!

    APR. 28, 2017 - MAY 5, 2017

    • User:Toastoven15 celebrated his birthday. Happy B-Day!
    • The new Republican healthcare reform bill designed to repeal and replace Obamacare passes through the House.

    • Would you be more or less interested in a Fallout game centered on one faction's gameplay side?
      • Third was that you were very uninterested.
      • Second place was that your interest would be about the same as for any other Fallout.
      • Top answer was that you would be less interested due to loss of free choice.
    • Which Fallout game was most improved by its DLCs?
      • Third answer was FO4.
      • Number two was FO3.
      • Top result was FNV.
    • How interested are you in the upcoming Fallout: Wasteland Warfare game by Modiphius?
      • Third and second place were tied between 'interested' and 'very uninterested'.
      • Number one answer was that you had no opinion yet.

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  • Leea

    I don't keep a journal or a diary. I know, I know, I can write here about my thoughts, and I can write chapters and chapters about my characters in my fan fiction, but I can't write about myself. I live in that weird irony.

    One of the most famous children's books, Dr Seuss' "Green Eggs And Ham," was written as a result that someone bet that he couldn't write a book that used only 50 different words.

    As it turns out, you totally can. I wonder if you could use even less...?

    Does your hair turn into a frizzball in humid weather?

    • Third was yeah, unfortunately. I think the worst thing is that someone you know (whoever that could be) would then point and laugh at your condition. Its not fair.
    • Second was comment! Some people have frizzy hair all the time. I guess I can be glad that I'm not you...
    • And first was that you have no problem with it. I envy you!

    You traded the last of your caps for that really cool-looking laser rifle, but as soon as you go try it out in a combat situation, it…

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  • NomadMC

    Fallout Friday Polls are here!

    Make sure to answer each poll and leave a comment! More polls every week!

    April 25 would have been the 100th birthday of the late Ella Fitzgerald. Happy birthday Ella! If Ella comes on your Fallout radio this weekend, keep that volume cranked up!

    APR. 21, 2017 - APR. 28, 2017

    • Trump proposes a massive tax cut that would be "the largest since Reagan"; its main purposes would be 1) to simplify the tax plan by reducing the tax brackets from 7 to 3, removing various tax deductions, and increasing the payments of the two remaining tax deductions; and 2) to encourage business growth by slashing corporate tax rates from 35% to 15%.

    • Of the U.S.'s largest cities, which one would you most like to see as a Fallout setting?
      • Third place was Chicago.
      • Second place was New York.
      • First place was Houston - if ya'll want some Texas Fallout, hop on my Minecraft server :)
    • How interested would you be in a Fallout game centered on the country instead of a city?
      • Third answer was that you …

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