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This page lists news items related to the Fallout fan community.
Magnetic Personality

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  • Leea

    I'm tired of lackluster writing implements. I mean, if we have technology to create phones as thin (or thinner) as a No.2 pencil, why can't we perfect the ballpoint pen? Its not like they're off-brand or anything - Bic or Paper-Mate - but they leave splatters on the paper or just plain refuse to write when they've got full ink in the tube and I've rolled the ball enough to make permanent marks on the page. Can't they spend a little more to make a better pen?

    According to an old (and hopefully not enforced any longer) law, tickling a girl with a feather duster was illegal in Portland, Maine.

    I don't know who thinks of these things.

    Do you ever think that the rooms of your house get smaller in the dark?

    • Third was yeah, but that you hardly ever trip over anything. No, but you might bump into something. I've whacked into a cedar closet a few times.
    • Second was that yeah! And you always trip over stuff! Things that seem perfectly in line in the daylight are anything but at night. You think we'd …

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  • Leea

    I always find it interesting that in the light, you know where everything is, yet in the dark you stumble over stuff you wouldn't have during the day. I've lost count how many times I've stubbed my toe against the feet of the couch or nearly fell over something else someplace, when during the day I would have missed them by a mile. I think it is an old cliche by now, but it never ceases to amaze me. Why does it seem that spaces get smaller? Why do you wander more?

    From the resivoirs of the Tennesse River, the Tennesse Valley Authority yearly collects thousands of pounds of mussel shells.

    What do they do with all these shells? They get turned into "pearl" buttons.

    Ever had something that seemed rather simple in mechanics just stop working for no reason?

    • Third place was what's mechanics? Read a book. Watch a video. Study the engine of a car.
    • Second was that it happens alot. If you hear any thunder, that means you have that little storm cloud of bad luck over your head. Don't worry, you're am…

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  • Peace'n Hugs

    Chat hacks are back

    November 23, 2016 by Peace'n Hugs

    Hey everyone,

    I've recently contacted Wikia staff regarding the disappearance of our chat hacks. They managed to fix them for us, so everything should work fine again. If this isn't the case for you, feel free to let me know.

    - Greets Peace'n Hugs (talk) (blog) 18:30, November 23, 2016 (UTC)

    For those unaware of what chat hacks are:

    Chat hacks are extra features within our chat to improve the user comfort. This includes, but is not limited to, a ping sound when someone says your name. Chat hacks can be activated by entering chat, and then clicking "options" on the right above the names of the other users in chat at that time. Then under the "added functionality", you check the "enable chathacks" box. Click update. To get ping sounds when certain words or your name is said, click on "ping phrases" at the top of the chat, and add there whatever text you want to ping you.

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  • Leea

    Apologies over the lateness of this issue, but I was trying to help dad get the tailgate of the truck open, because its stuck shut. It was working fine last week, but sometime during the week I guess it just decided to...not work. I tried everything: oiling it, pushing and shoving while pulling the handle, you name it. I don't want to pull on the handle too hard, because its just plastic (damn cheap shortcut by Chevy) and breaking that off would create a whole new set of problems. Likely expensive problems.

    There are some real kooky "old" remedies out there, like these for hair loss:

    • Smearing the affected area with fresh cow manure.
    • Rubbing the spot daily with axle grease and cod liver oil.
    • Covering the spot with bear fat.

    Ever had a 180 turn in the attitude of a pet, and they weren't sick?

    • Third was that you don't even have a pet. What a sad existence you must have, talking to the dust bunnies all the time...
    • Second was nah. Yeah, right...
    • And first was yeah! I went out today and there was Felix a…

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  • Leea

    I have two cats (well, actually three, but he's always gone walking around in the wilderness for days at a time and I don't see him), and though all three are siblings, they are wildly different. One sister (named Spot) loves being petted and talked to, really really social. She even talks back in her cat voice. I can have a whole conversation with her, though only she knows what she is saying. She likes going for walks or rides in a golf cart. Her sister (named Grey) is completely different: she doesn't like being petted, doesn't say much of anything, and hates going for rides. Also not much of a social cat, unless you catch her in a rare friendly mood where she wants to be petted. Their brother (the wandering one, named Felix) is also completely different. He's afraid of everyone. He sees you and runs away, unless you happen to catch him in one of his rare moments, like his anti-social sister. Its weird. He used to be such a loving cat, and now as soon as he sees you he hisses and ru…

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  • Leea

    I think that when people want you to tell the truth (do I look big in these pants, etc.), they just want you to tell a white lie, because I've gotten thrown in the "dog house" more times than I can remember because mom or dad asked me to "tell the truth" about something, I told them the truth on what I really thought, and next moment they hated me. I can remember quite a few incidents with mom's cooking about where she asked me to "tell the truth" on what it tasted like, and I said that it tasted bad or too much spices or whatever, and she gave me the silent treatment for a week or more. If you didn't want the truth, you should have just said so!

    French explorer Jean Nicolet was so certain that the waterway of the Great Lakes would lead to China that when he arrived in Green Bay in Lake Michigan in 1634, he was wearing a robe of Chinese silk.

    He was greeted by members of the Native American of the Winnebago tribe.

    Do you decorate for Halloween?

    • Third was that you could actually do that? I …

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  • Leea

    Its that time of year again where people actually make the effort to make their houses appear dirty (at least on the outside) and decorate with things they normaly wouldn't use the rest of the year: Cobwebs, spiders, and all manner of things people think appear "spooky." I've never decorated with this kind of stuff, have you? If you already have spiders in your home (natural flycatchers), there's no need to buy flypaper! I'm actually serious about the spiders, though.

    In "season" of Halloween, a couple of facts of the holiday:

    • The candles in the pumpkins comes from the druids' belief that the sun would go out during the winter (because it comes up later and sets earlier in the later part of the year), so they set lots of bonfires and candles to "power" the sun. Dumb idea, if you ask me. I have no love for the druids, but that's another edition...
    • The alternate name for Halloween - "All Hallows Eve" - comes from the Church's desire to try to offset the "pagan" worship of gods and deities …

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  • Leea

    I hope I'm not the only one who thinks stores put out "seasonal" decorations too early? I was in a store yesterday and they already had the Christmas decorations out! Its not even Halloween yet! I swear, one of these days they're gonna be puting out Christmas decor in July! At least they hold the blasted "holiday" (which is actually Christmas) songs until December.

    In the 1800's, each firehouse had a dog to direct the horses pulling the fire equipment and to alert the pedestrians and vehicles in the way. Dalmations were favored for the job because of their size, health, and stamina. They also got along unusually well with the horses. Dalmations are also born without spots.

    Ever gotten "lost" in something you loved doing, so people had a hard time getting through to you?

    • Third was that you always snap to attention. Makes me think of a military salute, somehow.
    • Second was that you're always in trouble. We'd probably be in less trouble if we could just stop being so immersed. I don't think t…

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  • Leea

    When I play video games, especially the immersive ones, I find myself tuning out everything else. I mean everything. I don't hear anything else, and I don't see anything else. Hell, I don't even see the TV and I don't feel myself using controls. I feel like I'm right there. I suppose that's a good thing, right? They're so immersive that you aren't aware of anything in the real world? Though, in hindsight, some of that immersion could be a bad thing: there could be a fire or something or someone crying for help and you didn't notice because your mind was "somewhere else." I've been in the "hot seat" a few times because of this because mom or dad wanted to ask me a question and I didn't notice until they were literaly screaming for me. They then yell, "Turn down the volume!" but I say to myself that I was just...somewhere else. Happens with music, too. I can be listening and be "elsewhere" and it'll take a few tries to get my attention. Books, as well. Many things, actually. Beading, croc…

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  • BrandonFox

    Saturday Polls - 68

    October 8, 2016 by BrandonFox

    I don't want to give a long intro speech. Because Socrates gave a long speech and his friends killed him.

    Disclaimer: The Weekly Saturday Poll is a poll (not a pole!) every Saturday asking the community what they think about the fallout series ranging from skills, guns, music and other paraphernalia. Have a suggestion for the next poll? Tell me on my talk page!

    |content2= |content3= |content4= |content5= |content6= }}

    Question #1 I asked Were some achievements/trophies not worth the effort to get?

    • In third place with 7 votes was I will get every achievement no matter how hard they are! Would you be able to unlock Left 4 Dead's nothing special or Dead Rising's 7 day survivor achievements?
    • Coming in second (jointly) with 9 votes each were I never bother with achievements anyway and Je ne me soucie pas. Both mean pretty much the same thing: I don't care.
    • And in 1st place with 51 votes was Yeah, I've encountered a few. I love achievements myself, but some were just so time consuming I felt my lif…

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